Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Radioactive Theory.

In the late autumn of 1938, the Nazi government initiated an experiment on radioactive  Plutonium tetraoxy selinate under the supervision of   Dr. Jokovich Smilder. The following are some of the excerpts from the research journal of Dr. Smilder.

October 20, 1938

Six volunteers were selected from a group of twenty based on their strength, gender and mental aptitude. The test group included four men and two women, and all the test subjects have shown great mental ability with regards to problem solving skills, and advanced mathematics. This experiment is to test the effect of radioactive Plutonium tetraoxy selinate on the brain and its problem solving capabilities, based on a series of problems, whose difficulty would be maintained based on the subjects ability to solve it. The experiment would last for 90 days and the test subjects would be given a daily dosage of 0.5 milligrams of Pu2O4Se to start with. 

Day 1:
The test subjects were monitored for side effects to the compound. One male subject had to be removed from the experiment as he developed sever dyspnea and tetanic convulsions. The other five test subjects have not shown any signs of discomfort or side effect from the compound. Their vital signs are normal, expect for the sudden spike in heart rate during the administration of the compound. Mental alertness and problem solving capability remain unaltered. Sleep and wake cycles were also tested and have been registered as normal.

Day 4:
Female test subject 2, has reported an increase in the vivid dreams, which she described as "Colorful festive displays". The other test subjects have not shown any effect. Heart rates and blood pressures have increased slightly for all the test subjects. Problem solving ability has shown no improvement from day 1. Dosage of Pu2O4Se was increased to 1 milligrams for the other participants.

Day 6:
All the male test subjects have exhibited tetanic convulsions, and hence have been relieved from the experiment. Females on the other hand have shown an increase in the mental activity, and are able to solve higher level mathematics. The problem solving time has shown a drastic decrease between each experimental problem statement and they have been exhibiting a quick learn-ability and retain ability. Heart rate and blood pressures have shown an increase and has been a cause of major worry among the other researchers on whether the experiment should be continued.

Day 9:
Guards have been complaining about static interference in their intercoms on close proximity with the two test subjects, and further tests have shown that their bodies have started to emit radio active radiations. The radiations seem harmless to the tissue and the body, as no physical damages to the tissue have been reported. Female test subject 1, has been able to prove Einstein's General Relativity theory with ease, and has shown an increased understanding of the science. Female test subject 2 has not yet shown any improvements from the last reported tests, but has complained about the "Colorful" dreams as being a major hindrance in her sleep. She shows signs of decreased sleep, ranging from irritability and lack of concentration.

Day 11:
Due to an unexplained anomaly with the Female test subject 2, the administration of Pu2O4Se has been stopped and she has been transferred into medical care. Female test subject 1, has shown further improvement in the science of relativity, and has proposed a theory of time wrap, where time and space interject. Due to concerns of other researchers, administration of Pu2O4Se has been stopped for female test subject 1 also. There has been no physical or psychological damages reported by female test subject 1, and her emotional stability is the same as from the tests of day 1. 

Day 13:
It has been two days since Pu2O4Se administration was stopped. Female test subject 1 has been showing symptoms of withdrawals, ranging from mood alterations to extreme muscle spasms, and she has been put under de-addiction treatment. Doctors treating Female test subject 2 have reported the experience of unexplained mental and emotional stress on close proximity with the test subject. All though the incidences of "colorful" dreams have stopped for Female test subject 2, she has not yet recovered from the morbid emotional state.

Day 15:
Sudden disappearance of the male test subjects relieved from experiment was reported. All of the four male test subjects have vanished from their supervised medical chambers, as per the attending staff, and there seems to be no explanation to the disappearance. High radioactivity have been recorded from all the four chambers. Attendance also report  an overwhelming  "cold, sad, and empty feeling", while being in the chambers. 
One of the doctors treating Female test subject 2, has asked for leave, stating increased mental and emotional trauma. He has been placed under medical supervision and has been relieved of his duties. Female test subject 1 has shown no improvement in her state. Doctors have reported a sudden increase of external pressure whenever Female test subject 1 experiences a mood alteration.

Day 16:
Two nurses, attending to Female test subject 1, have been relieved from duty due to ruptured blood vessels and internal bleeding, which they attribute to "sudden increase and decrease in air pressure". There has been no reports on the missing male test subjects, but attendants do state that their "presence" could be felt. They have produced photographic films, which are mostly static noise expect for faint imprints of human figures. The static noises seem to be emerging from the beings. Researches have been sent to further study the phenomenon.

Day 17:
Both the female test subjects have been shifted into isolated chambers and human contact has been strictly forbidden. Only authorized personals in full protective gears were allowed in their cells. Three nurses attending to Female test subject 2 have committed suicide over the night, and one nurse has gone into a mentally unstable situation. All of the communication devices have been rendered useless, and the government has been notified of the situation. The experiment has been terminated, and has been reported a failure. 

Day 18:
The female test subjects have also been reported missing from their chambers. The entire research facility has been put on alert. The government has directed to pull out all the occupants of the research wing and to seal the building. More and more researchers have reported about sudden feeling of "gloom", "despair", and "sadness". They have also reported an urge to die, and "escape from the so called misery". 

Day 19:
A strange power has been felt through out the research facility. No occupant is able to leave the premise, nor is any one able to enter the premise. Evacuation teams have been stationed outside the research facility, but they report an "invisible force" barring their entry. The researches inside the premise have started to exhibit lunacy and mental degradation, and still there has been no reports on the disappearance of the test subjects. I my self have started to feel a sense of apathy and despair. Three attendants were found dead, one of them had jumped off the building, smashing his head on the hard concrete. The other two had broken glass pieces impaled in the head. More and more reports on internal bleeding have been reported.

Day 20:
The main corridor is strewn with blood, leading to bodies, all mutilated and mangled in most horrific and unearthly manner. All of the deaths have been reported as suicides. The evacuation team have reported it impossible to enter the facility to evacuate the researchers. The only form of communication is the face to face talk with the evacuation team. Occupants of the facility have been trying to force their way out of the invisible barrier, but to no avail. 

Day 21:
Today my dear friend and colleague took his own life. Now I don't find any reason in my living either. Every where around me, I see a trail of sadness and misery. The joy has been sucked out of me. Sleep hardly comes, and its nightmares when I try to sleep. I think I have finally started to realize what I have brought upon every one, to my colleagues, to my subordinates, and to every one who had put their faith in me. I have failed every one. I don't find any reason for this suffering. I want it to end. 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Journals of Eugen Craplet.

August 2, 1891.

It is on the behest of nurse Bertha, that I start this journal, a way to understand my patients better and to catalog my studies.  
Today was a weary day, gloomy from the start, autumn has started to show her colors, and the whole campus is littered in leaves. The cleaning staff is a weary bunch of lazy crooks, and I had to take matters into my own hands to get the pathway cleared of the derbies from the night long gale. The day as usual was event full with new admissions, and the older admissions trying to scale the walls to their freedom. One subject did stand apart from the rest and the following is an excerpt from the letter she would not let go off. I am no believer of supernaturals, but I think the content of the letter needs to be journaled.

Dear Lillian,
It has been a while, and I think I owe you an explanation for the delay. Tomorrow the last of the settlers leave this island, and soon I would be there by your side. This island settlement has spelled doom for every one here, and even I was not spared. The locals call it the curse, but I choose not to believe in all of these mambo jumbo. My men call it the Rain Fever, and it has claimed more lives than the initial war. I have heard rumors of the infected people feasting on others, but again they are just rumors. Mine workers did find a mutilated and half eaten body of a young man near the ravines, but it can be a doing of the wild beasts too. 
But lately, I have started to fear for my life. I try hard not to believe in the curse, but the harder I try not to, the curse just becomes more believable than a disease. I have been hearing screams of men in the night, and it has left me sleepless, and the mornings just bring in another half eaten body. The screams grow closer every day, and last night I could make out the horror embedded in those screams. I am just hoping I survive tonight. I have lost all of my men, save a few, and I just want to leave this island to its horrors. 
So I am writing you this letter, just in case, I am unable to make it through tonight. I wanted dearly to leave today, but the priority were women and children. I just pray I am able to be with you, and if I don't make it, pray that my soul rests in peace.

Your Brother

I recall the name Jonathan from a news article I had read a few days ago about brutal murders in the far eastern islands of Java. Jonathan was the only English man who survived, but he was spotted eating the dead remains of his fellow men.