Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Fairy Tale

He sat before the mirror, rocking
Smoking his pipes, clutching his stick.
A butterfly fluttered its wings inside the mirror
He waved his hands, into a fairy tale

The butterfly flew around, innocence,
Only good it knew, as it flew from flower to flower
Then with a greenish haze, feathers sprout on its wings,
The butterfly grew into a parrot infront of his eyes

The parrot repeated his words,
It mumbled what the world threw at it,
The parrot grew, mature enough to understand,
Feathers turned to fur, and a four legged creature it became

It was cunning, as it hid itself inside the hazy dream,
It learned the ways of the world, cheating its fellow being
The haze in the mirror hid it away, safe from danger
But how long would the youth last, as the fur disappeared

He saw himself, seated with the stick, and the pipe
Helpless as he sat by the mirror, gazing into its depths,
Wizened, he knew the world, he knew its ways,
And then he waved, death, a fairy tale

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Nocturnal Rain

A soft knock on the door, broke my sweet dream,
As rumble of the clouds drowned the siren into night,
A bloodied hand impressed on my window, I opened,
A bloodied face, bloodshot eyes, stared back at me.

"Please save me from the hounds of law,
For an innocent I am who killed to save my dear life",

He pleaded, A bloodied knife hidden under his sleeve,
"I will leave before the first ray of the day", he said.

Years flew back infront of me, as I saw his face,
A bloodied knife I did hide, as I pleaded for a shelter,
The rain did lash, and the darkness swelled around,
That night, I was saved, for in kindness he took me in.

My instincts had something else to say, they screamed rather,
But a human I was, and a heart I had, I took him for his sincere face,
The rain grew wild, and the winds howled, the darkness ate my fears,
A bed I gave, and hot water to wash the blood off, and I slept in peace.

That night I knew the reason of unrest, the unrest of my instinct,
Years ago, that night, I stood by the good man's bed, thinking,
"He needs to die", I thought, "For he may exchange me for the reward".
I slipped the knife into his heart, his screams drowned by nocturnal rain

And that dream muffled my screams.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Death Has Wings

I watched the curtain slide, and the crystal glass window,
As the first light of the dawn flooded my eyes,
I heard the morning prayers, blaring through the speakers,
Promising life, and peace forever.

I had heard the same promise, as I had opened the doors,
The same prayers, did I chant that morning,
My hands felt the trigger, as I steered, my life with my hands,
And the life of the kids who sat with me.

It would fly down, It would come as a surprise, they had said,
Its everywhere, Its here as we speak, they had warned,
I felt a chill run down my spine, as my soul shattered in seven places,
I felt the cold, as the death flew down to me.

The curtain fell, the crystal window shattered, as my eyes closed,
The prayers were said, and peace was forgiven that day,
I heard the cries, and my ears were deafened with the sound,
And the brightness of the promise was all that I saw.