Friday, April 19, 2013

Voyage to the Moon

"Is this seat taken?", a voice shook me from my day mare,
"No, not at all sire", I replied, a companion, most in want was I.
"Does this carriage take you to the moon, m'lad?", a chuckle with a grunt,
And all I could save was a puzzled stare.

"Well, I quite not understand", I replied, sheepishly rather,
"If this doesn't take you to the moon, I say,
we kill the driver loot his gold.", he grinned away.

He was scary, I must admit, and he did scare me, I must confess,
But that was not the only scary thing in store for me that day,
"For it will be a waste of gold, and silver to rott, I say,
If I were to miss the moon.", A loud insane chuckle followed.

"My king, you see m'lad, wanted to conquer the moon",
"And oh, a mighty king he be", the huge head bowed,
A touch of respect I saw, and a tear of lose and pain.

"So men gathered, ironsmiths to pound their way,
"Saw to fit a carpenter, to make a flying sail",
"And she did fly, a beauty at that", a sniff, as he wipped his tear,
"Moonfeather, and I her captain rose in the airy waves."

"We will fly to the end of the earth, and bury our flags there",
"To the moon my king did point, bright eyed as ever"
"And I will name it Armatha, after my daughter who is in grave".

"The Sun was harsh, and winds our foes", a pause to clear his throat,
"And clouds sang us a deathly prayer",
"But still we did sail, two and my moonfeather",
"To conquer the moon, to name it after king's daughter in grave."

"Its an interesting story, but is it true", I had to ask,
"You little punny boy, listen, and then you say."

"Days we sailed, and we saw marvells infront of our eyes",
"From the Dancing sands, to the up-flowing stream,
"And the place where rains were made"
Then silence, frozen he sat, with his gaze fixed upon me.

"Sire, you are starting to scare me", I retorted to his stare,
"Sorry m'lad", his gaze he shifted, to a far off place,
"In the memory of those beauty I was lost", he said.

"An year we flew over the land, and another over the sea",
"Our mast were full, and storms passed us by",
"And then hunger struck us, and then grief",
"And slowly gloom did engulf my moonfeather, until we saw the sight".

Here he paused, annoyingly, waiting for my permision,
Well, the story did intrigue me, I must say,
So I noded like a three year old waiting for a candy on a stick.

"Oh, you do seem interested to know what we saw", he grinned
"And so as I was saying", he cleared his throat, and raised his chin,
"The earth did really fall away", I was annoyed, irritated may be
"And we saw the moon raise from its place."

"Our ships we did land, and our flags we did plant",
"And Amartha was born once again",
"And the king was happy, as he smilled his way",

"Oh thats it!" I exclaimed, bored by the way he had ended the tale,
"I had hoped to be entertained", I did say.
"Wait till I reach the end of the tale", a glimmer caught my eye,
"Was it not the end, happily everafter", I mimicked, starring at the guy.

Some say witches are real, others say magic is a tale,
And slowly stories shaped, fairies danced, and lost I was in his tune
"Insanity m'lad, is just the brighter side of the moon"