Thursday, September 25, 2014

Man with three shoes.

Follow the waters' trail,
Winding in the sun, 
Snakes of the brood, return,
Return to your home.

Who walks there?

Below the green ridge,
Blossoms, to the right, 
I see it pale old but bright,
The tree, rooted in my heart.

Who walks there?

I who have seen the stars,
And have traversed the sea,
I who have won the hearts,
And slain with mercy,

Who walks there?

The night of the future,
Light, I presume, fades.
Jades of the castles fallen,
Why should I wait.

Who walks there?

Its me who walks. 
Who waits by the willow,
Bloom my mate, spread your wings,
And ask, till your heart's content

But who walks there?

Friday, September 19, 2014

The Forgotten Names

The bloods in my veins, 
Why drown me, drown my pain,
I can recall all, but your name.

The wind of the fields, 
Mystique, and never to yield, 
People know you, but your name.

The light of the dawn,
My fears are your song,
You know me, but just forget my name.

The dead leaf that floats,
A grief like the lightning bolt.
You are forgotten, you and your name.

The old beggar who disappeared, 
Along with the dog he cared,
No one knew you, not even your name.

The kid who grew, to be me,
Why disappear, floating away in the sea.
I have forgotten myself, even my name.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Beats

Carry me in your arms.

Sleep the dreams away,
Drift into the space.

Half fulfilled wows, 
Why do you stay, 
Begone, and never return.

Carry me in your arms.

Watch as the world burns,
Play your wooden drums.

Carry me in your arms.

Spoils to share, and lands to loot,
Robbers we are, brothers we were.

Carry me in your arms.

Stay one more night,
Let the barrels tumble.

Look beyond the horizon, 
Where the sorrow lightens,  
A majestic future to behold

Carry me in your arms.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It rains for years.

The streaming tears, on her cheeks, 
Mesmerized my being, for a while,
I had lost all senses, time flew by,
Cry turned to pleading, drifting in space

Why touch, what is not yours,
Make way, through the waves.

Let your hands play a tune, 
And dance, fluttering through the air.

The color black, looks pale,
As her eyes, witness the pain,
The tears don't stop, they flow,
I am drowning in an ocean.

Why did your smile fade,
Laugh and make waves in the sea.

Hold onto me, she chimed,
But I drifted, drifted way out into void.

I saw a hint of pleasure, lust,
As the sun burned my skin,
Weeping, she sits, weeping she lies,
I will fade with the memories of the night.

Turn me into a stone, heartless
Sculpt me, give me life, let me be reborn.

Caress my hair, let me sleep,
In your arms, let me be the dream.

The sky parted, rained for years,
I am drowning, in the rain of fear.
Hold me close, don't let me drift, 
Guilt, I hold dear, sleep a drunken lullaby.

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Moon and the Owl.

The wind hustled, as the cold moon smiled,
Leaves of the untouched future, rusting away,
Shine with me, oh moon, shine with me.

An owl's hoot, woke me my from my slumber,
A constant knock on the window, 
I can see it, see it fade, see it grow.

My eyes catch the little pale smirk, 
On the face of the moon, as she smiles,
I hope for the night to last, for the light to fade,

The shadows dance, as the clouds drift,
Playing hide and seek with my fear,
She smiles, she laughs, she dances with the clouds.

I hear the wind sing me a lullaby,
The rustling of the leaves, add music to the cry,
The wind grows cold, as does my heart.

The shadows turn to faces, as the clouds drift,
They live, they die, as she smiles,
They merge, they disappear, dance away.

I see a little boy, holding my hand,
Another knock on the widow, my sleep fails,
The nigh grows darker, the shadows fade.

I hear the wings flap, a hoot, as she flies,
The moon smiles, fading at times with the drifting clouds,
I want her near, hold her, feel her cold light.

Night is young she says, as she sits on the shoulder,
The little boy cringes, a hoot, to comfort,
The silver of the moon, makes her shine.

Hold me close she says, the light would come,
The little boy leaves my side, walks away,
Disappearing into the shadows.

Close your eyes as I sing you a lullaby,
Hoot, she says, a knock on the window,
My sleep is gone, with her light, she fades.

Fly with me she says, and she spreads her wings,
I miss the little boy, and I know he won't return,
So into the wind I fly, bathed in her silver sheen.