Monday, August 18, 2014

The Dwellers of The Refried Bean Can.

This Poem is dedicated to the stranger named Eki.

The day was long, and night no different,
So he sat pondering over an empty can.
And long did his thoughts run, 
Wild did they go before dissolving into night.

At length he stood up, to throw the empty can
At length his thoughts failed, he had no plans.

The can spoke, a feeble voice,  or he thought, 
'The nights been long, I should sleep'.
The can spoke again, scared he dropped,
'I am Eki', the voice echoed through the night.

He was startled, 'My mind is playing tricks'
He was startled, 'I just heard a can speak'.

'Who speaks, I demand to know', he asked,
Scared white, and ghastly pale, he asked.
'I am Eki, and I live in this can', the can replied.
His sleep was lost, and darker grew the night.

'Why do you live in a can', he mustered some courage,
'Why do you live alone in a can', his thoughts ran strange.

'I am not alone', replied the can,
'Who else lives there', he sat besides the voice.
'I don't know his name, call him Clyde'
'And I love this can', the voice sparked the night.

'I must be tired', He thought to himself,
'I must be tired', to hear a can talk some sense.

'I was in Nebraska, before I moved in',
He couldn't help, but listen to the  talking can.
'And two years old I am', giggles, to tease the scared man.
'But Its dark in here mister, and Clyde is scared of the night'.

He couldn't help, but listen to the story,
He couldn't help for he felt a little sorry.

'I can help you move out of the can', 
'No, we like it here', retorted the can.
'So what do you call your can.' He seemed interested,
'The Refried Bean Can', the voice sparkled into the night.

They talked for hours, into the darkness of the night ,
They talked for hours, till the morning sun light.

Somewhere through the talk, his sleep caught up,
A small nap, as the morning rays hit his eyes,
He woke up, found the can in broad day light,
He opened it, searching for Eki, from the night.

The can lay bare, empty as from the night,
The can lay bare, Eki was nowhere in sight.