Friday, December 28, 2018

Child of a Lie

Smile with the Sun, half circle through the sky,
Speak, mimic, act out a mortis reply.
The tone deafens my spirit, wading through the night,
Speak my tongue, sing aloud, recite my burdened lies.

Fear runs a-mock, love hides in the bludgeoned bushes,
Surrounded by wolves preying on the undead child,
She cries, she tails a fable, unheard at first,
But a familiar cry for help, I hear you,

The wolves surround me, jiggered my soul, it screams,
Stretched out into a jacket of human carcass, I lie,
Morbid sanitarium, my only recourse of solace,
I wander, pandering through the undergrowth of life.

Poison tipped heart, why do you cry, do you wail,
Pierce me with your hate ridden smirk, let me rot,
The wolves are upon me, I rest, peace my solace,
Take me home, heal this broken mirror of a soul.

I walk the shoes of my forefather,  lying my way,
I plunder life, yapping the same lie, I grow old,
The same six feet of a hole, for me to rest.
Touch me, kiss me to sleep, make me yours,

My child of lie.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Rhythm of the Southern Chimes

The broken hymn,
Rippling through the time,
Splitting across, solace it seeks.
Solace it offers.

The goddess of war,
With her risen swords,
Saint in her own right, stained with blood,
Blood she offers.

The southern wind chimes,
Hymns of the forgotten souls,
Waiting by the gates of heaven,
Should they fall, should they raise.

The echoes of the lost shores,
Waves of the hidden peace,
Crisp with sounds of a new borns' cries,
She raises, a mother of two.

The birth was a pain, she recalls,
The war gave birth to death,
Blood stained cloths she cleans,
Humming to rhythm of the Southern chimes.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Death of a Star

Lillium's Journal

15th Vulcan, 542, 7.95 Eon.

I just landed on an ancient orbiter by the name Europa, to witness one of the most historic events in my lifetime. Even between hyper jumps I am so exited to see this historical event. My body cries from gravitation drag, but my spirit lives on. I was asked to hibernate for a while, but you know how supper excited I am.

I had read about this giant star from my history lessons, and how an ancient religious entity by the name of Stephen Einstein had predicted the end. Their theories have been long proven wrong, and I just can't believe how dumb witted  people are to believe in some stupid theory as theirs. Any way, continuing with my journal, I have the most priced seat, and the grand collapse is underway. Its similar to the one back during the dis-integration of Terra. It was a beautiful scene back then, the planet breaking away piece by piece as it was sucked straight into the red giant. Thanks to the hypervisors though, else I would have missed everything back then.

16th Vulcan, 542, 7.95 Eon.

Yesterday was a disappointing day, I did see the red giant grow bigger, splashing of its gravitational energy, but you know how slow these things are. I hope to see it turn to a dwarf at-least today.

Since I don't have any more stuff to write about today as the Red Giant just refuses to disintegrate, I will just write about the history of this red giant.
This red giant is called the VT139. It was called as Sun by the pre-historic species known as Homo Sapiens. VT139 had enough energy to fuel an entire planets need, unlike us who require three stars to fuel our energy needs. VT139 was a Nano planetary system, with its third planet having the highest probability of survival. Homo sapiens predominantly lived on Terra, the third planet, before shifting out into other star systems. ( I know, I am a big nerd ). Any way, thats all the history lesson for today, I am off to hibernate. The gravitational drag is finally acting up on me.

17th Vulcan, 542, 7.95 Eon.

The same spot, and the same scene of a slow death. The giant seems to be emitting bursts of radiation. It is a beautiful sight, multi colored rays of protons shooting from the red giant. My com is active with data, many of which are statuses from others in the arena.

And finally after a long wait the Carbon collapse has started. The last of the helium atoms are compressing down into carbon. There was panic in the crowd as the gravitation pull of the Red Giant started to de-stabilise. Electro-magnetice flares could be seen every where on the surface of Europa.
I just hope the gravitational collapse doesn't hamper my pods. The TRS has already placed loop jumpers to puncture the Singularity-State for yet another hyper jump bridge. The time window is really small, but these guys are pros. My brother was on one of these missions once. He was more of a feed compressor though, but he did super magnificently explain how the hyper jump bridge forms within one millionth of a second.

The broadcast was the last thing I was hoping for. Thats all for today the TRS say. It seems they are trying to put up a EM field shield around the Singularity-Point. Its night for me I guess. Another day, another adventure.

18th Vulcan, 542, 7.95 Eon.

The coms have all gone active. VT139 is on its final collapse, and one of the most beautiful of those. The Singularity-Crush. I had seen photon-graphs of those, but this is the first time I would be seeing one up so close. A single burst of the last escaping ray of light as the entire mass just becomes a big dark hole.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Fading Lights

The days labour paid, She folded her feathery palms,
Walked the long way back, Into the night, she disappears.

The blue of the night shone through her eyes,
Fading into the night, she hums the lullaby of a lost sleep.

A drop of ink smudged on her pearly face, She lays, dreams,
Inkblots dance on the white canvas of her being.

Circle of life, drawn out from the darkness into light,
As the dream drifts off, into the realms of nightmare.

She twists, she turns, sleep doesn't let go,
A flutter of uneasiness settles,  into an invisible prison of sleep

The sleep tarries a bit, swooning her with its wicked gaze,
Then lashing down with its claws, It tears her dreams.

In the end, the inkblot spreads, covering the white,
In the end, darkness wails, as the curtains fall to a fading light.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Lull before the Storm

The little bee dropped its head, the buzz died,
Settling with the dust, a storm approaches.

A dried petal of a dying flower, bee smiles,
The petal floats, settling among the corpses.

The chaos blows its trumpet, mighty high it rides,
Victory, it screams, warpath is my home road.

My shield, my strength, where lost art thou,
Hold my arms, ride along, on the mighty toad.

The grunge of the metal, grinding on asphalt,
With every step I dissolve, I fade into space.

I try to hold on, your hands, your memories,
The bugle plays the harmonies, chaos stays.

And at length, the bee spoke again,
At length it stoped staring at the dead leaf.

A mighty roar, from a fragile being,
The storm approaches, stealth of a thief.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Sunshine

'Do you like the sound of rain?', 
Her mischievous smile spoke out, 
I do, I repeated, as my head bobbed. 

'Why let the clouds gloom you, then?',
Her teasing smile echoed through the silence, 
I don't know, I responded.

'Why is it that you like the sun?'
Her spirit giggled, a wide grin of teeth.
'Isn't it a good feeling?', I retorted.

'I can be your sunshine',
Her words oozed tenderness,
As she caressed my hair.

I can be your sunshine, 
A kiss she planted, as she faded.
'Sunshine, through your darkest clouds.'

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

[Two Song Poem] The Burnout Syndrome

'Who, reigns longer, chaos or misery?',
The question did  raise an eyebrow or two,
But adamant I was about the question,
An answer just a forethought to all the lies.

Do you feel it in your nerves, an urge to quit early,
Do you feel it burn your senses, in the dreamless sleeps.

'Chaos', I answered, she smiled, a smirk,
The battle is just about to begin, she pondered,
As she swung around in her childish prologues,
'I wish I knew the answer', sigh, all I could gather.

It ticks deep now, the clock of uncertainty,
It ticks deep, I should quit, the voice echoes.

Time is an illusion, I lie to myself,
Every step, a mechanical clockwork,
'Chaos, is life', I sigh to my self,
She laughs, mocking me to my core.

'Knock, knock', she says, a childish giggle,
I know its a joke, but 'Whose there?', I reply.

At last, she gets up, 'the game's up', she says,
'I am bored, and I need a new lie to live',
Empty, is that what I feel, searching in me,
'A new lie i need', She says, as she walks away.

I am stranded in an Island of lies, I see her walk away,
I am stranded in an Island, I see my life walk away.

The burn out Syndrome
(Songs Played Together)
Song 1: Arriving somewhere but not here
Song 2: Melodic Death Metal / Metalcore Mix