Saturday, November 29, 2008

Why does every thing have to end

The biggest problems faced by teenagers and youths basically is the 'thing' known as love and relationship which according to me sucks the most. may be you guys can call it a sour grape effect like in the story of fox and the grape. but to be more frank on this love and relationships just suck. i am a little bit on conflict with god for actually creating human beings as sexual creatures. Life could've been more fun place to live in if these things jut happen at right times. Our society actually made up rules and regulations regarding the proper age for marriage and settling up in life and loads of other crap. But frankly they would have never thought about the attraction issue which arises as soon as we kids cross the adolescence era. Why do people fall in love. Just because we are nature's creation and we need to fall in for each other doesn't mean we have to fall in love. i have a friend of mine who digs for every other cute looking guys she meets. But she is unlucky still. She believes that life is incomplete without having any body to live for. ya exactly life is incomplete without any body to live for but that stupid girl doesn't know that this saying is only aplicable for people who are ready to settle in life not kids or half adults like us. well this one is for every other half adult lovers out there who think it is cool to be in love or rather its good to have someone to talk to...... believe me you are missing out on this life's best part by falling in love. you are missing out on the fun part of being alone. this time is the best time to actually discover yourself. rather than discovering other people. i learnt it in a rather hard way but still i learnt it. People may call me a dumb ass but i don't care because i am living this part of my life according to what i want to live it like. you have got your entire life waiting for you to spend it on someone special. don't waste your fun time actually liveing for someone else who would not even remember you once you get out of college. Live your life according to you and don't let others interfier in your life. ya i might sound a little lame. but its me people. and these are the wonderful truths.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Fall

there were times i cried
there were times i tried
to stand up on my legs
and face the world
there were times i knew
i was close to you
to hold your hand raise up

cos i know...
i can be what i want
but i fear to fall
i fear to change
the way i live my life
i want someone to raise me up
and help me walk again.

The beginning

Life......What is it actually?
The constant question that would plague any one is what is life actually? What is the reason of this life we are living? These questions didn't spare me. There was a time when I would waste time, actually constructively just thinking what is life. In my thought process I came across different theories. One of these theories were life is a plan. A supper flawless plan. Every action in your life has a consequence. A reason. Every action you take is preplanned. Every step you take is pre-calculated. And the consequence can be foretold. Its the knack of getting to know the basic pattern of the course which life can take. Life can be linked with artificial intelligence. A logical action and the consequence.
That theory was there when I was a 16 year old kid. After that I started to think more into this matter. Life was not just some logical inputs and a preplanned output. It was more than that. It was something which was beyond my scope of understanding. It was something else. Then some where I read if you want to know the meaning of life, live it for someone. Someone really special. I tried. But just couldn't find that special person. There was another proposition, live life for yourself. You'll come to know the meaning of life. But for a guy like me living for myself was stupidity.
So if I couldn't live this life for someone special, or for my self then what was the reason of this life I was living? It didn't make any sense to me. One day I was having a little chat with my mom on this matter. We had a good debate on this, which eventually I won but her one point struck me hard. There is always a reason. So to you your life may be nothing but for another person your life may be something great. What if you were able to change someone else's life. Touch someone else's life. There were always a possibility of change for the better.