Tuesday, February 20, 2018

[Two Song Poem] The Burnout Syndrome

'Who, reigns longer, chaos or misery?',
The question did  raise an eyebrow or two,
But adamant I was about the question,
An answer just a forethought to all the lies.

Do you feel it in your nerves, an urge to quit early,
Do you feel it burn your senses, in the dreamless sleeps.

'Chaos', I answered, she smiled, a smirk,
The battle is just about to begin, she pondered,
As she swung around in her childish prologues,
'I wish I knew the answer', sigh, all I could gather.

It ticks deep now, the clock of uncertainty,
It ticks deep, I should quit, the voice echoes.

Time is an illusion, I lie to myself,
Every step, a mechanical clockwork,
'Chaos, is life', I sigh to my self,
She laughs, mocking me to my core.

'Knock, knock', she says, a childish giggle,
I know its a joke, but 'Whose there?', I reply.

At last, she gets up, 'the game's up', she says,
'I am bored, and I need a new lie to live',
Empty, is that what I feel, searching in me,
'A new lie i need', She says, as she walks away.

I am stranded in an Island of lies, I see her walk away,
I am stranded in an Island, I see my life walk away.

The burn out Syndrome
(Songs Played Together)
Song 1: Arriving somewhere but not here
Song 2: Melodic Death Metal / Metalcore Mix

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Will I know Her Pain

The blue of the night, reflected, precise, I do say, her eyes,
Her face drawn in a little frown, I guess, I can play a part in her games.

The angel who saw life depart,  as her wings were clipped,
Caught in an inter-twined truth, I play a part in her tears.

Life was just a little hidden treat, a ball mask, to be forgotten,
As the night settles deep, I see her blue eyes moisten.

My little dream, she blossomed,  she withered with the sun,
Dreams written on a page, I wish I could paint them pretty.

Purple bled the canvas, as the wings re-grew,
A fraction of an eon, they did stay, then fade at dawn.

Fate was a cruel joke, a celestial ploy, she would sigh,
A hug, a kiss, was that all I could gather, was that all I could give.

I saw her bloom, I saw her fade, I saw her grow, I saw her age,
I saw the little dreams blossom, I saw the dreams turn to nightmares.

But, till the end, I was unable to feel her pain.

Friday, February 2, 2018

The Club of the Unfortunate

He cleared his throat, as he raised the toast,
'To my fellow members', his sound coughed,
'I raise this toast, to the fellow unfortunate'.

The new guy smiled, shying from the prying eyes,
He knew his misfortunes, Lady luck was busy,
As his creditors played the devil's advocate to his wealth.

'We are a rare breed', the toastmaster continued,
'Our purple robes have faded to a crimson red',
'Lets welcome our new member', he raised, an applause.

His smile turned to a blush, as he squirmed to the corner,
The Cornish eyes judged his new found wealth,
The Cornish eyes judged his newly lost wealth.

'I am a deadbeat', his voice cracked as he raised his drink,
The crowd cheered him, drowning him in judgement,
'I have gambled, I am the prodigal son'.

'I have a house, half claimed by my habits',
'A life which I live for the unfortunate in me',
'And a mansion, ridden with lies', he sighed.

'Lets be grateful for the misfortunes we have',
He ended his toast speech, reclaimed his throne,
The throne of the many kings of misfortune.