Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Other Me

Have you opened your eyes yet,
'No I haven't', I reply,
Have you closed the books yet,
'I have, but why?', I ask,
Its time to be me.

Have you cleared your thoughts?,
'No, I haven't', I reply,
Clear them, for they are mine,
'Who are you?',I ask,
Its time to be me.

Have you bid farewell to past,
'No I haven't', I reply,
Have you made peace yet?
'Why should I?', I ask,
Its time to be me.

'Who are you?', I ask,
Silence is my name,
'Why should I be you?',
You need to be complete.
I become you, I am me again.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Lullaby of Lies

The world is peace,
The words would cease,
You would see the end,
The bright undertone.

The night is young,
The darkness hung,
On the sun that would raise,
Sleep, sleep is peace.

The misty lights,
Would engulf the night,
Raise to the song,
The promise, I make.

Sleep my child, 
Sleep in the lies,

The Black Horse

Step on the shadows,
Ride to the edge,
Take the reigns, 
Let go of the fear.

Step on the light,
Ride the darkness,
I am the night,
I am the knight.

Step on the blaze,
The burning thunder,
A hundred years,
Of cringing pain.

Step on the blades,
The death makes sense,
A millennium, passed,
Decades I count.

Step on the dead, 
I am lost,
Lost, lost I belong,
The rider of yesterday.

The Bloom

She winks, 
The mischief, twinkle, 
She winks,
The silent grim,
And the bloom,
That saw no sun light.

She winks,
Death she cribs,
She winks,
Nothing makes sense,
I blink at death,
The existence, a pain.

She winks,
Makes stories,
She winks,
Kill the horror,
Fading light, escape,
The scene of thousands.

She winks,
Cradle of the undead,
She winks,
I was a friend !!!
Kill the messenger,
Peace I believe is myth.

She winks,
I cringe with pain,
She winks,
Fire burns less, 
The flower blooms,
Night, no light, no witness.