Monday, August 7, 2017

The Chronicles of Lies

I listen to the ghost of my past,  scribbling words of wisdom.
In my head, the voice is recast, in shades darker than my soul
End, closer than before.

I see her grow more than a horror,  love that never gave me repose,
My mind transpired to her mirror, the paintings captured the reflections. 
I disappear, she remains.

She held my hand in vain, an affection lost to the winds of morrow,
I kissed her lips in pain, her ghost lingers in my thoughts,
She appears, I fade.

The promises act their roles, in the theatre of lies, I play my part 
Her smile inspired ballads, retold, heroes die, villains die, but my love oh dear,
Play ends, the curtain falls.

Shades darker than the grey, as the clouds gather, her smile fades,
I hear the little angel say, despair my friend, is your mistress,
She fades, the lies continue.

I play my part, in the self woven lies,
I play my part, in the chronicles of my life,