Thursday, July 19, 2012


I heard the ice cubes rattle, as he placed his drink back on the table,
   "Its pretty lame an excuse, you should find something more interesting, something which would sweep me off my feet, something which would gi........." 
His voice faded out as my mind wandered out into the open sea, the smell of the salt, the fine spray of water with every wave, the cool breeze, the sun, the sand, the beach, the .....
He lighted another cigarette as he continued on with his rattle, nothing made sense, nothing ever did.  

I collected my coat, and my hat, as I walked out. The meeting was over, and he was not at all impressed, I had to work harder, I had to make an impression. 
    "Long night ahead, huh?", A friendly voice startled me, I recognized the voice, and was greeted by the same pleasant, charismatic face. She looked fabulous in her purple spray painted gown and the plastic fur coat. 

    "You look properly worn out, sleep when you can, the night might get onto you some day", Was she saying that I was loosing it, any way I din't care much about her pearls of wisdom.

Being a gentleman is a hard thing to do in todays world, I had a choice to make, - Ignore her and walk out into misery, or stay with her, have something to eat and drink and go home with some good memories. I had it sorted out in my head, I was no gentleman, so I turned and started walking back home, as if she din't even exist. I heard a grunt of disgust and anger, and her footsteps slowly faded away as she walked away. 

The porch was in utter darkness, I stumble as I try to find my way up to my house. Its never dark, but today out of some weird reasons it was. As I almost reached the door, I heard a loud buzz, and then in a blink of an eyelid, everything happened. My conscious faded out as I fell.

There was a lot of movement outside, noise, people screaming, running around, but it was all fuzzy. I tried to open my eyes, chaos reigned in its supremacy. I din't have much strength to even keep my eyelids open, and soon darkness crept in.

At the hospital I learnt that there was an accident, a plan had crash landed in our locality, around 75 people had died, and the toll was rising. They said I din't have much time either, or I heard them say. They said that I was almost dead, just my heart pumping enough blood to keep my system working. 

I was at a wrong place at a wrong time, and every action I took lead to my own death, not by coincidence, but by choice.I breathed one last deep breath. Then nothing, just silence, and darkness.

     "This should make a good story to write about", She said as she submitted my death story at the counter, and collecting her reward with the same old charismatic smile, she walked towards the gate,  

    "Suicide Indeed", She chuckled to herself as she walked away, dissolving into the multitude of people.

Friday, July 6, 2012

One Song Poem(Don't Steal my Demons)

To hear the little voice, I strained,
The little kid in me, drenched in blood,

"How long should I wait?", He asks,
"Wait till the time is right", I say

"You have changed the right time",
Retorted the little kid in me, drenched in blood,

"How can I make you mine", his voice echoed
"You can't", I replied, turning my face from him.

"I am all alone, broken", a sob I heard
Tears rolled down his cheaks, I was unmoved.

"Do you want me to change", sob turned to plea,
"You are good the way you are", Impatient I was.

"Then why are you leaving me back",
Down on his knees, with a twinkle in his eyes.

"You are my past", I reply,
Ready to move on, with my baggage I leave.

"Yes, you have grown up",
The tears had dried up, as he regained his posture.

I left him that day, never to meet him again.
The little kid inside me, drenched in blood.

Until today, when I heard him,
The spark of a little voice in me,

"Don't let others steal your demons",