Sunday, March 9, 2014

Conversation with a three legged spider

On the bed, sat I,
Looking east with a frantic sigh,
A spider, with five wooden pegs,
And rest to call its fleshy legs.

'Your screams, scare me lad', he said,
A puff from his wooden pipe,
Scared was I, by creepy site,

Another puff, and a cloud of smoke,
'Can't a spider be a crook'
Twinkled his eyes, a half satisfied smile,
And I screamed, at the talking knight.

He chuckled, 'look lad, I am a pirate',
I scrambled up, at the spiders sight,
He whimpered, at my despaired plight.

'Don't be scared, I am just a friendly guy',
'You are a spider, and a pirate who flies',
He bellowed another puff, and cracked his pegs,
'You missed the line', and he scrambled up my legs.

'Don't harm me, I am just a merry lad',
'I won't, but will take you to a merry land
To set sail with my pirate band'.

'I don't know a merry land', crackled I,
'You my friend, are the merry land', he smiled.
Then the wooden pegs knocked, as he danced, 
Dance of conquest he said, dance for life.

'I will scream, wake my parents', said I,
'They won't trust you, with all your stories', he smiled,
'Come join me, to plunder golds of the land'.

I thought for a while, with stories untold,
The three legged spider, and the monsters under my bed,
He was right, they never believed, why I wonder,
Then sighed, with a smile, a nod to plunder.

I walked with the three legged guy
With my wooden sword, and a chest full of gold,
And a promise to never grow old.