Wednesday, June 22, 2011

August Sky

Her little face, with sadness smeared upon,
She sits on the wooden ledge, with a tear drop.
The sky is bright, but her face reflects darkness,
The day is long, longer than you can expect.

There is something she fears, "Disappear" she screams,
Its the reflection she sees on the mirror,
There is something she fears, and its within her,
The white clouds that litter the sky, reflects her fear.

Her soul is like the August sky, clear towards the south,
But the darkness of the day creeps up from within,
As she moves on to the autumn of her life, gray and dark,
Where she sheds tears for the ones she has lost.

Its her name carved upon her bosom, as a symbol of shame,
She hides it, but the rains expose her shame,
The darkness of the day doesn't help her cheer up,
As she still sits by the wooden ledge, with a tear drop.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Count's Wife.

"...And by the light stood a beauty so divine, that I wanted her to be mine"

"There should be a silver lining", I thought,
As I moved on, on the stony path uphill.
"Sire, would you mind camping up here",
Bellowed my guide, as his steps started to fail.

The gray of the sky was settling in, as we camped,
And the twilight soon faded into the night.

"Why doth thee wish to enter the castle?",
Asked he with a curious glister in his eye.
"I wish to meet the Lady of the house,
For I have heard praises of her beauty"
, I replied.

A moments silence, and a hint of fear in his eyes,
Shocked and shaken did he reply.

"Sire its not safe in the night, for I've heard screams,
Screams of pain and anguish, screams of revenge with blood lust",
"What happened to her?"
, I asked curious to my bones,
"Oh let the dead rest in peace", he crossed himself, as he replied.

A cold sweat broke out on his forehead,
A shudder of despair enveloped his being.

"I will pester thee till you speak,
For I am a man who doesn't give up on ease"
And after a long persuasion he broke, and he gave in,
"But I warn thee sire, thy shan't see the light of dawn if I speak".

The moon peeked occasionally from the clouds, hiding at times,
As my guide wiped the sweat on his forehead that divulged his fear.

"It was their wedding night, and bride was in her chamber,
As a party of robbers, armed to kill, invaded the castle.
The Count, a brave soldier himself, killed a many with his sword,
Until a scum hiding, drove his knife deep into his bosom"

He paused for a while, scared as before,
And then took a deep breath as he resumed.

"She was dragged out, her cloths ripped of,
And as each of the men took his turn, she lay there helpless,
And her screams were muffled by the wicked laughter."

He stopped, and looked around, scared by the presence of a being.

I could hear the winds howl, through the hollow mountain,
And the gentle splash of footsteps on the water.

"When they were done, they left, leaving her to die,
She crawled back to her beloved lover, as she died",

"Sire, that's the story I know, and I shall not continue,
For whomever has recited the tale, never lived to see the dawn"

The story had captivated me, or may have enslaved me,
For I kept pushing him, now offering money for the same.

"Why are you so scared?", I asked losing my patience at last,
"She is still alive, and haunts these mountains", he replied.
"Finish the story, or I shall take your life,
For I hate cowards, who live their lives in fear of a hearsay"

He had no choice, he thought, for he would die,
So he gathered up his strength, and pulled up his bags as he walked.

"Lets go to the castle and I will tell you the story en-route,
For I shall die tonight, either by your hands or by the Count's wife"

So we started our uphill journey and reached the castle in an hour,
An eery silence was all that left, as we passed the castle doors

The courtyard was flooded with the silver moonlight,
And the long shadows of the pillars that stood by.

"Here she died", he said pointing to the ground,
"And here she was born again, to vent her fury on men"
A light breeze whistled by, as I heard on to the story,
"None of the robbers lived to see the morning light", he said

The creaking of doors, sent chills down my spine,
As I listened to his closing lines.

"From that day on, she preys on men, who wander by,
To spend the night in mountain, but for us, we are locals here,
And she doesn't harm, for we bring her the men she wants"
He sighed and sat down by the stone pillar, gazing up at the stars.

There was silence, a gloom of despair,
Which was broken by a painful scream.

"She is here!", he screamed, as he ran for the doors,
But the doors closed upon him, as he fell.
I could see a faint light, as it slowly filled the corridor,
And by the light stood a beauty so divine, that I wanted her to be mine.

She came close, a beautiful smile adorned her face,
And that smile was the last thing I saw, as she took me in her hands.

An embrace covered my body as lust filled my being,
And I watched the poor guide, clenching his chest as he died,
She took me into her sweet chamber, filled with fragrance of rose,
She dimmed the light and I swam with her, as my eyes closed.

Her warmth was what I felt, against my body,
Her killer gaze was what I had missed, as she lay by me.

The night was about end, and with passion did she kiss me,
And as I kissed her lips, I felt the cold breath from her being,
And slowly I gave into her hands, losing my self to sleep,
A sweet sleep I had never known, as I slept forever.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

City of Stones

This is the 100th post, so I thought why not write about something which doesn't make any sense.

The silence had settled in, as the carriage rattled away,
And through that silence, I began my journey back home.

Myriad lanes writhed in front of me, like the desert snakes,
Some loud and pompous, while others silent as the day.

I chose the one which ran by the river, with lush green trees,
I chose the one which gave me comfort, and made me feel glee

Purple flowers bloomed by the mud covered bank, some trampled upon,
There was beauty there, a beauty that came with pain.

I walked on the cobbled street, as it led my way,
And soon I came to my city, where my heart felt at peace.

The walls rose high on either sides, as I walked past them,
The city was alive, as life bloomed around me.

Beautiful women wished me luck with smiles as I passed,
And my path twisted and turned, as it ended at my fate.

I was hesitant to knock, as I stood by the gate.
I was hesitant to knock, "Fifteen years", I thought,

I could see the eyes that looked at me, eyes that surrounded me,
I could see the lifeless smiles, which would never cease.

The knock hadn't lost its charm, when the gates opened,
Beyond the gates lay my life, lay the memories I gained.

No face came to greet me, nor a hand to lead me in,
And slowly I picked up my staff, and entered into my memory.

By the porch sat a shriveled figure, shaken with age,
The eyes were cold as stone, with no smile on the face.

I walked in closer to the figure, as it sat by porch,
A greeting did escape my being, as my body wrapped him in a hug.

This is my home, in the city of stones, where no one lives but me,
This is my home, in the city of stones, where the smiles never cease.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


The gray of the sky, overshadowed,
With no sun to light up my smile for you,
Said the wind to the cloud as he passed by.

Its night and there is no sun, lier my friend,
Why do you try to lighten my mind with your lie
Replied the cloud to the wind, as he blew

Do you see the moon, and its radiant light,
Still why do you hide it from reaching the earth,
Pushed in the wind to irritate the cloud.

I will rain, and then I will leave,
I will rain all this sadness, and then I will let in the light,
Shot back the cloud at the wind.

Why are you sad my dear,
Tell me and I will blow the sadness all away,
The wind was in a jovial mood now.

What do you know of hardships, to carry your burden,
All you do is blow around and fly around,
Replied an irritated cloud, about to snap.

I do fly around, but I do carry a lot
I push you with your sadness all along the sky,
The wind wanted to pick a fight

And they fought along for a long time,
The wind blew hard and the thunder did roar,
And finally the cloud gave up, as she cried.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

White Drapes

"...By the crimson ribbons of blood, on the white drapes..."

I heard the rattle of the chains,
As I passed by the lone swing.
It swayed slowly in the wind,
Under the light of the full moon.

My memories played out their parts,
As I passed through the doors.
My house, my home, now in rubles, it stood,
My house, my home, where my life I lived.

The moon light floods the room,
And the mirrors reflect, hung by the walls,
I built my memories here,
And have buried them with the house.

I enter my room, a sweet fragrance fills my being,
A sweet fragrance of rose and lemon grass
It was the room where I grew up,
The room where I found my first love.

The white drapes hang by the window,
Slowly floating with the night breeze,
The moon light casts a shadow of it,
And a shadow is what remains of it.

He was a young lad, a handsome man,
And the drapes held his memories,
He would climb every night through the window,
To kiss me a peaceful sleep.

I embrace the drapes, as it holds his fragrance,
A fragrance I had started to love,
I stay there all night, by the window,
As the moon light fills my heart with peace

Nights on end, we sat by the window,
Sharing our dreams, dreams of days to come.
We would count the stars, and watch the fireflies dance,
And with the first light, he would leave with a sweet hug.

Every night, moon witnessed our growing love,
As it lived on for days to come.
And suddenly one night, he didn't come,
That day neither the fireflies danced or the moon shined.

But Its no more the same night,
As the sun peeks through the trees,
And my memories, refreshed by the morning light,
Saw the crimson ribbons of blood, on the white drapes.

Then one night he came, and broke my heart,
"I can't be with you, for I am going far", he said
Then no more I saw him, as he bid farewell,
Leaving a sweet kiss to remember him by.

I was broken, I was shattered, and I missed him,
And nights I would stand by the window,
And nights I would weep for him to return,
Until one night I stabbed my self in the heart.

My blood splattered on the white drapes,
And crimson streams did it leave behind,
I died that night holding the drapes close to my heart,
For it held his sweet fragrance, a fragrance I had loved.

So every night I come, to live my love,
Every night I live, till the sunrise,
And as the I see the white drapes in the light,
I disappear with the morning mist.