Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Epilogue

The bow touched the string, 
Melody flows, notes of the chain,
The chain breaks, breaks the thought.

Wind up a new string, unchain the notes,
Re-chain the thought, free at last,
The thoughts break, the chain's intact.

Take the chain apart, link by link,
Regrow the lost note, that sits silent,
The chain is forged, on empty thoughts.

Pull a treble, push a clef,
Add a rest, to the unending chain,
The thought is new, and the chain too.

The ink grows on the sheet,
Marks grow into harmonies,
The bow breaks, a curse it seems.

Alas, I give rest to my thoughts,
The chain is just a myth, I cry,
Thought just a prelude to the epilogue.