Saturday, December 14, 2013


The question is all about the 'Why?' or may be more accurately about the 'what' and the 'when', Or if asked precisely it can be transformed to a 'who' and then after pondering for a while it will be turned to a 'Polar' question. We never realize why we answer or what we answer, but when we answer is also neglected at times. Are you, your own obstacle? Well I can answer it now, but chose a later date. I can ask Why would I be my own obstacle? or What would I do being my obstacle?, but never think what all I can do by not being an obstacle. I can stand looking in the mirror, figuring out whether I obstruct my own thoughts, or let my feelings be chocked up. I can stand in front of a crowd, and still choke up. So the question finally trickles down to Who am I? Then comes the polar question, Will you let your self free? Its a no or a yes, but its pretty hard to decide, What will I do if I let my self free? Will I fly like a bird, or swim like a fish, or even close run like an animal. I don't have the answers to all of the questions, but if I let my self free, may be, I might fly as a bird, or swim like a fish or run like an animal. Why now? or What now, that I have set my self free, questions again. Brain a cobweb, a platter full of pie. 

Then one day I might wake up from this sleep, 
To see the sun shining bright.
Yet another day I wake up from this sleep,
To see the moon squashing my dreams.

Again the questions, tricky ones, not so tricky ones. Questions to dodge and questions to face. Questions to be responsible about and questions to let go of. Questions to ask your self, questions to ask the one whom you love and finally the questions which will keep you alive, the questions which will get you killed.

I saw a rabbit, white and bright,
Go down the rabbit hole, I followed,
Questions to ask, answers to know,
The rabbit disappeared, just left the hole.

I realized the other day that, rabbits answering all your queries are just mythical creatures, if you follow them without questions, you might see the light at the end of the hole, or the questions might kill the rabbit, leaving you with the hole. 

White horse, grey horse and a black horse,
In a horse market, at a land far across.
Buy one, kill one and let one go free,
Is it the black or the grey that should flee? 

Figure out the when part of the question, an answer two seconds late would've  already lost its taste. So ask and answer now. "Who am I?"