Monday, February 23, 2015

One Song Poem (Sun Goddess)

Take my hand, she said with a guile smile,
I thought twice, just to shun the idea,
Take my hand, her voice echoed a while.
Carry me to the sunset, did she stutter, I doubt,
Obliged, I sat there alone, as she bathed,
The crimson orange sun, her mane.

Take my hand, she said, gullible, I stalled,
Just to see the fading sun, crimson, purple,
Through the forest her shadow passed.
Moments turn to hours, rustle of raising dew,
The cold moon smiles, as her shadow passes,
Lost I stand, lost I cry.

Take my hand, she said, cold, her touch,
Scared was I, death I doubted,
Take my hand, she said, retreat I did.
And I saw the shadow pass, and the fog raise, 
As the sun dipped into the ocean and darkness rose,
Me a stranger, a madman at the light's door.