Thursday, February 25, 2010

She Who Must Be Obeyed

A beauty so chaste, a beauty so fragile,
So tender that it won't survive
Like a goddess she stands by the heaven's door
guarding the key to the eternal hope

But the beauty ain't gold,nor is it silver my friend,
for her beauty was sin, which I had tried to win,
day and night I toiled, to win her love,
but that love, oh was a bitter love

Her beauty was her weapon, a spell she could cast,
enchanted how long could I hope to last,
Day after day I tried to escape her charm,
but a witch she was, whom I couldn't harm.

Beauty is unbearable, drives us to despair,
gives false hope of love, joy and care.
I was a happy man, once upon a time
But this wretched beauty took all that was mine

Men had come and men had gone,
All to come and play their part.
She is the beauty I will always adore
but beware she has even the Devil's heart.


Ravenclaw said...

i love it man......
"devil's whore" part.....
its real cute...
i never knew u like to write mushy mushy poems too...

Tim said...

sorry sissy.. due to pressure from outside i had to change the entire whore thing.. i still think you would love it.
(got external help to put it right)

Unknown said...

this one was better than the above.try to write more like this.but i appriciate the efforts.good work

The Big J said...

Nice one justin!!!

Syl said...

i like this one :)