Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Six Months Of Summer

The gray shades of darkness gone
through the empty sky,
Nothing but the light remains
as the birds fly by
she looks to the southern sky, with hope in her eyes,
The nights are gone, no sorrow nor lies.

The smile of the woman he loves,
The warmth of her breath,
Nothing more can give him peace
a peace unto death
In his arms she lays, safer than she thinks,
No harm would come her way, as long as she lives

Vows were made,never to depart
like the earth and sea
Love would have never been true
if it wasn't for thee
Oh just if the Summer would have lasted long,
The winter would've never brought the misery,

But the summer won't last for long
nor would the birds song
For the winter would come soon
and true love it will prune.
The promises were broken and the silence prevailed
When with the summer to the seas he sailed.

In the kings army, fighting for peace.
sailing on in a hope, to reunite,
but how would he have known,
That the six months of summer,would have taken her.
To the land of the unknown, from where no one returns

Thursday, February 25, 2010

She Who Must Be Obeyed

A beauty so chaste, a beauty so fragile,
So tender that it won't survive
Like a goddess she stands by the heaven's door
guarding the key to the eternal hope

But the beauty ain't gold,nor is it silver my friend,
for her beauty was sin, which I had tried to win,
day and night I toiled, to win her love,
but that love, oh was a bitter love

Her beauty was her weapon, a spell she could cast,
enchanted how long could I hope to last,
Day after day I tried to escape her charm,
but a witch she was, whom I couldn't harm.

Beauty is unbearable, drives us to despair,
gives false hope of love, joy and care.
I was a happy man, once upon a time
But this wretched beauty took all that was mine

Men had come and men had gone,
All to come and play their part.
She is the beauty I will always adore
but beware she has even the Devil's heart.