Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Sunshine

'Do you like the sound of rain?', 
Her mischievous smile spoke out, 
I do, I repeated, as my head bobbed. 

'Why let the clouds gloom you, then?',
Her teasing smile echoed through the silence, 
I don't know, I responded.

'Why is it that you like the sun?'
Her spirit giggled, a wide grin of teeth.
'Isn't it a good feeling?', I retorted.

'I can be your sunshine',
Her words oozed tenderness,
As she caressed my hair.

I can be your sunshine, 
A kiss she planted, as she faded.
'Sunshine, through your darkest clouds.'


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Ravenclaw said...

Glad to see a happy poem after such a long time!! It's beautiful and lyrical, light and fluffy! <3