Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The unfinished conversation - 6, Repeat,

The red brick village, in a red brick town,
The red brick house, surrounded by clowns,

The red brick, backed,in  sun so bright,
The red brick, scorched, in the oven's might.

The red brick, in a widows platter,
The red brick, an adulterous chatter.

The red brick in the palace walls,
The red brick, of the temple gods.

The red brick, thrown at stars,
The red brick, which breaks apart.

The red brick, made from red bricks,
The red brick, draw  line to your tricks

The unfinished Conversation - 5, Vengeance,

The crimson ribbon, that drenched my hands, 
For the love lay there, love of my life,
The crimson ribbon flowed free,

A fading beauty, she lay in my arms,
A tear I shed, promise not to cry,
A fading beauty, she withers away.

I clench her close to me, hold her near,
Her heart, clock work of stone, 
I clench her close to me, as she fades away.

I lay her down, her soft hair I brush,
Her lips, cold now, one last kiss,
I lay her down, and I disappear.

I found him gambling in a whore house, 
A stake through his heart I drove,
I found him gambling for his own life now.

The unfinished conversation - 4, Hell's Angels.

Clock tolled seven, 
Wake up and shine,
The clock tolled six, 
Slumber time.

Clock tolled five, 
Eat your food,
The clock tolled four,
Fight in the hood.

Clock tolled three,
Plant a tree,
Clock tolled two,
Burn him free.

Clock tolled six,
'Coz one is a fix,
Clock tolled eight,
Brimstone tricks.

Clock tolled nine,
A pillar of salt,
Clock tolled six,
Flood it all.

The unfinished Conversation - 3, The Afterlife.

I saw a dim light, bright undertone of peace,
As I moved through the sea, sea of joy.

I watched the sun fade, and the sky disappear,

I drifted into the darkness, with a glimmer of tear.

I saw them play a trumpet, a harp, and a fiddle,

The sweat sound of life, death was just a riddle.

I waited at the gates, my book of life opened,

A smile to welcome me, a smile of content.

I welcomed the site, but just a bit unsure,

For a man of sin I was, heaven could I secure?

The unfinished Conversation - 2, The Dying wish

The little fish smiled, 
The little fish, sang around,
The little fish winked, 
The little fish, the little evil fish.

The little fish cried,

The little fish, sat around,
The little fish, glommed,
The little fish, the little evil fish.

The little fish laughed,

The little fish, ran around,
The little fish, wept,
The little fish, the little evil fish.

The little fish wrote,

The little fish, scribbled around
The little fish, sealed,
The little fish, the little dead fish.

The unfinished Conversation - 1, The sin.

A gasp of air, a little torn sheet,
I stood, motionless, for the beast.

Shout from the den, he said,
But lost you are in my bed.

Scream, and you shall be answered,
A knife, your skin might be pierced.

Talk to me, my love, just talk to me,
No one can take you from me.

I held half a spoon, half drenched in blood,
He pulled out the other half, his eye balls embed. 

I had a broken bone, a shattered finger may be,
But he, sat or laid, a mangled man, pleasure to see.

Then he spoke, words, or gasps for breath.
As I closed the doors and walked.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Traveler-Epilogue, The mad King

The night had been long,
My share of mares, with the stories untold,
With dreams forgotten, a heavy heart,
And through 'em, sinister plans, I play my part.

My brothers disappear, in pools of blood,
My brothers disappear, I wish help'em I could.

Forests of despair, intervened with our quest,
Riches promised, women to satisfy our lust,
Lands to conquer, for the king in me to rest.

A long trail of deceit, as I travel,
An immortal, I have lived a story untold,
Today I stand, alone and lost in time,
Traveler, they call me, traveler with a rhyme.

To devil, sell my soul I did, to live for eons.  
To devil, sell my soul I did, despaired, I live on.

The moon, my desire,  a price far promised,
Wine to quench my thirst, golds for the love I missed,
Souls to win, for the king in me to despotize.  

This is the last journey, they say,
I desist to move, for I have stories untold,
The winding path through the country side,
And the men, whom I killed for my own hearts' pride.

Ghosts aren't real, they just vanish with the wind,
Ghosts aren't real, sleep eludes, for I have sinned.

O' night, why are you bathed in blood,
Ridden with guilt, my heart, a withered rose bud,
Sleep I yearn, and my eyes, they have bled.

I am a king, the king of an immortal time,
But insanity, my king, has stories untold,
I have reigned with vengeance, for my soul that I lost,
The witch of time, chuckles, "but at what cost".

Past is slowly pulling me in, vanish it whispers.
Past is slowly fading away, sins, my seven sisters.

So I drink, I dance and I feast with the dead,
With so much, over the crackling fires done and said,
But no pleasure satisfies me, and no one for a tear to shed.

For I,  am the traveler. 

The traveler saga : Traveler 1 - 6