Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Radioactive Theory.

In the late autumn of 1938, the Nazi government initiated an experiment on radioactive  Plutonium tetraoxy selinate under the supervision of   Dr. Jokovich Smilder. The following are some of the excerpts from the research journal of Dr. Smilder.

October 20, 1938

Six volunteers were selected from a group of twenty based on their strength, gender and mental aptitude. The test group included four men and two women, and all the test subjects have shown great mental ability with regards to problem solving skills, and advanced mathematics. This experiment is to test the effect of radioactive Plutonium tetraoxy selinate on the brain and its problem solving capabilities, based on a series of problems, whose difficulty would be maintained based on the subjects ability to solve it. The experiment would last for 90 days and the test subjects would be given a daily dosage of 0.5 milligrams of Pu2O4Se to start with. 

Day 1:
The test subjects were monitored for side effects to the compound. One male subject had to be removed from the experiment as he developed sever dyspnea and tetanic convulsions. The other five test subjects have not shown any signs of discomfort or side effect from the compound. Their vital signs are normal, expect for the sudden spike in heart rate during the administration of the compound. Mental alertness and problem solving capability remain unaltered. Sleep and wake cycles were also tested and have been registered as normal.

Day 4:
Female test subject 2, has reported an increase in the vivid dreams, which she described as "Colorful festive displays". The other test subjects have not shown any effect. Heart rates and blood pressures have increased slightly for all the test subjects. Problem solving ability has shown no improvement from day 1. Dosage of Pu2O4Se was increased to 1 milligrams for the other participants.

Day 6:
All the male test subjects have exhibited tetanic convulsions, and hence have been relieved from the experiment. Females on the other hand have shown an increase in the mental activity, and are able to solve higher level mathematics. The problem solving time has shown a drastic decrease between each experimental problem statement and they have been exhibiting a quick learn-ability and retain ability. Heart rate and blood pressures have shown an increase and has been a cause of major worry among the other researchers on whether the experiment should be continued.

Day 9:
Guards have been complaining about static interference in their intercoms on close proximity with the two test subjects, and further tests have shown that their bodies have started to emit radio active radiations. The radiations seem harmless to the tissue and the body, as no physical damages to the tissue have been reported. Female test subject 1, has been able to prove Einstein's General Relativity theory with ease, and has shown an increased understanding of the science. Female test subject 2 has not yet shown any improvements from the last reported tests, but has complained about the "Colorful" dreams as being a major hindrance in her sleep. She shows signs of decreased sleep, ranging from irritability and lack of concentration.

Day 11:
Due to an unexplained anomaly with the Female test subject 2, the administration of Pu2O4Se has been stopped and she has been transferred into medical care. Female test subject 1, has shown further improvement in the science of relativity, and has proposed a theory of time wrap, where time and space interject. Due to concerns of other researchers, administration of Pu2O4Se has been stopped for female test subject 1 also. There has been no physical or psychological damages reported by female test subject 1, and her emotional stability is the same as from the tests of day 1. 

Day 13:
It has been two days since Pu2O4Se administration was stopped. Female test subject 1 has been showing symptoms of withdrawals, ranging from mood alterations to extreme muscle spasms, and she has been put under de-addiction treatment. Doctors treating Female test subject 2 have reported the experience of unexplained mental and emotional stress on close proximity with the test subject. All though the incidences of "colorful" dreams have stopped for Female test subject 2, she has not yet recovered from the morbid emotional state.

Day 15:
Sudden disappearance of the male test subjects relieved from experiment was reported. All of the four male test subjects have vanished from their supervised medical chambers, as per the attending staff, and there seems to be no explanation to the disappearance. High radioactivity have been recorded from all the four chambers. Attendance also report  an overwhelming  "cold, sad, and empty feeling", while being in the chambers. 
One of the doctors treating Female test subject 2, has asked for leave, stating increased mental and emotional trauma. He has been placed under medical supervision and has been relieved of his duties. Female test subject 1 has shown no improvement in her state. Doctors have reported a sudden increase of external pressure whenever Female test subject 1 experiences a mood alteration.

Day 16:
Two nurses, attending to Female test subject 1, have been relieved from duty due to ruptured blood vessels and internal bleeding, which they attribute to "sudden increase and decrease in air pressure". There has been no reports on the missing male test subjects, but attendants do state that their "presence" could be felt. They have produced photographic films, which are mostly static noise expect for faint imprints of human figures. The static noises seem to be emerging from the beings. Researches have been sent to further study the phenomenon.

Day 17:
Both the female test subjects have been shifted into isolated chambers and human contact has been strictly forbidden. Only authorized personals in full protective gears were allowed in their cells. Three nurses attending to Female test subject 2 have committed suicide over the night, and one nurse has gone into a mentally unstable situation. All of the communication devices have been rendered useless, and the government has been notified of the situation. The experiment has been terminated, and has been reported a failure. 

Day 18:
The female test subjects have also been reported missing from their chambers. The entire research facility has been put on alert. The government has directed to pull out all the occupants of the research wing and to seal the building. More and more researchers have reported about sudden feeling of "gloom", "despair", and "sadness". They have also reported an urge to die, and "escape from the so called misery". 

Day 19:
A strange power has been felt through out the research facility. No occupant is able to leave the premise, nor is any one able to enter the premise. Evacuation teams have been stationed outside the research facility, but they report an "invisible force" barring their entry. The researches inside the premise have started to exhibit lunacy and mental degradation, and still there has been no reports on the disappearance of the test subjects. I my self have started to feel a sense of apathy and despair. Three attendants were found dead, one of them had jumped off the building, smashing his head on the hard concrete. The other two had broken glass pieces impaled in the head. More and more reports on internal bleeding have been reported.

Day 20:
The main corridor is strewn with blood, leading to bodies, all mutilated and mangled in most horrific and unearthly manner. All of the deaths have been reported as suicides. The evacuation team have reported it impossible to enter the facility to evacuate the researchers. The only form of communication is the face to face talk with the evacuation team. Occupants of the facility have been trying to force their way out of the invisible barrier, but to no avail. 

Day 21:
Today my dear friend and colleague took his own life. Now I don't find any reason in my living either. Every where around me, I see a trail of sadness and misery. The joy has been sucked out of me. Sleep hardly comes, and its nightmares when I try to sleep. I think I have finally started to realize what I have brought upon every one, to my colleagues, to my subordinates, and to every one who had put their faith in me. I have failed every one. I don't find any reason for this suffering. I want it to end. 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Journals of Eugen Craplet.

August 2, 1891.

It is on the behest of nurse Bertha, that I start this journal, a way to understand my patients better and to catalog my studies.  
Today was a weary day, gloomy from the start, autumn has started to show her colors, and the whole campus is littered in leaves. The cleaning staff is a weary bunch of lazy crooks, and I had to take matters into my own hands to get the pathway cleared of the derbies from the night long gale. The day as usual was event full with new admissions, and the older admissions trying to scale the walls to their freedom. One subject did stand apart from the rest and the following is an excerpt from the letter she would not let go off. I am no believer of supernaturals, but I think the content of the letter needs to be journaled.

Dear Lillian,
It has been a while, and I think I owe you an explanation for the delay. Tomorrow the last of the settlers leave this island, and soon I would be there by your side. This island settlement has spelled doom for every one here, and even I was not spared. The locals call it the curse, but I choose not to believe in all of these mambo jumbo. My men call it the Rain Fever, and it has claimed more lives than the initial war. I have heard rumors of the infected people feasting on others, but again they are just rumors. Mine workers did find a mutilated and half eaten body of a young man near the ravines, but it can be a doing of the wild beasts too. 
But lately, I have started to fear for my life. I try hard not to believe in the curse, but the harder I try not to, the curse just becomes more believable than a disease. I have been hearing screams of men in the night, and it has left me sleepless, and the mornings just bring in another half eaten body. The screams grow closer every day, and last night I could make out the horror embedded in those screams. I am just hoping I survive tonight. I have lost all of my men, save a few, and I just want to leave this island to its horrors. 
So I am writing you this letter, just in case, I am unable to make it through tonight. I wanted dearly to leave today, but the priority were women and children. I just pray I am able to be with you, and if I don't make it, pray that my soul rests in peace.

Your Brother

I recall the name Jonathan from a news article I had read a few days ago about brutal murders in the far eastern islands of Java. Jonathan was the only English man who survived, but he was spotted eating the dead remains of his fellow men.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The unfinished conversation - 6, Repeat,

The red brick village, in a red brick town,
The red brick house, surrounded by clowns,

The red brick, backed,in  sun so bright,
The red brick, scorched, in the oven's might.

The red brick, in a widows platter,
The red brick, an adulterous chatter.

The red brick in the palace walls,
The red brick, of the temple gods.

The red brick, thrown at stars,
The red brick, which breaks apart.

The red brick, made from red bricks,
The red brick, draw  line to your tricks

The unfinished Conversation - 5, Vengeance,

The crimson ribbon, that drenched my hands, 
For the love lay there, love of my life,
The crimson ribbon flowed free,

A fading beauty, she lay in my arms,
A tear I shed, promise not to cry,
A fading beauty, she withers away.

I clench her close to me, hold her near,
Her heart, clock work of stone, 
I clench her close to me, as she fades away.

I lay her down, her soft hair I brush,
Her lips, cold now, one last kiss,
I lay her down, and I disappear.

I found him gambling in a whore house, 
A stake through his heart I drove,
I found him gambling for his own life now.

The unfinished conversation - 4, Hell's Angels.

Clock tolled seven, 
Wake up and shine,
The clock tolled six, 
Slumber time.

Clock tolled five, 
Eat your food,
The clock tolled four,
Fight in the hood.

Clock tolled three,
Plant a tree,
Clock tolled two,
Burn him free.

Clock tolled six,
'Coz one is a fix,
Clock tolled eight,
Brimstone tricks.

Clock tolled nine,
A pillar of salt,
Clock tolled six,
Flood it all.

The unfinished Conversation - 3, The Afterlife.

I saw a dim light, bright undertone of peace,
As I moved through the sea, sea of joy.

I watched the sun fade, and the sky disappear,

I drifted into the darkness, with a glimmer of tear.

I saw them play a trumpet, a harp, and a fiddle,

The sweat sound of life, death was just a riddle.

I waited at the gates, my book of life opened,

A smile to welcome me, a smile of content.

I welcomed the site, but just a bit unsure,

For a man of sin I was, heaven could I secure?

The unfinished Conversation - 2, The Dying wish

The little fish smiled, 
The little fish, sang around,
The little fish winked, 
The little fish, the little evil fish.

The little fish cried,

The little fish, sat around,
The little fish, glommed,
The little fish, the little evil fish.

The little fish laughed,

The little fish, ran around,
The little fish, wept,
The little fish, the little evil fish.

The little fish wrote,

The little fish, scribbled around
The little fish, sealed,
The little fish, the little dead fish.

The unfinished Conversation - 1, The sin.

A gasp of air, a little torn sheet,
I stood, motionless, for the beast.

Shout from the den, he said,
But lost you are in my bed.

Scream, and you shall be answered,
A knife, your skin might be pierced.

Talk to me, my love, just talk to me,
No one can take you from me.

I held half a spoon, half drenched in blood,
He pulled out the other half, his eye balls embed. 

I had a broken bone, a shattered finger may be,
But he, sat or laid, a mangled man, pleasure to see.

Then he spoke, words, or gasps for breath.
As I closed the doors and walked.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Traveler-Epilogue, The mad King

The night had been long,
My share of mares, with the stories untold,
With dreams forgotten, a heavy heart,
And through 'em, sinister plans, I play my part.

My brothers disappear, in pools of blood,
My brothers disappear, I wish help'em I could.

Forests of despair, intervened with our quest,
Riches promised, women to satisfy our lust,
Lands to conquer, for the king in me to rest.

A long trail of deceit, as I travel,
An immortal, I have lived a story untold,
Today I stand, alone and lost in time,
Traveler, they call me, traveler with a rhyme.

To devil, sell my soul I did, to live for eons.  
To devil, sell my soul I did, despaired, I live on.

The moon, my desire,  a price far promised,
Wine to quench my thirst, golds for the love I missed,
Souls to win, for the king in me to despotize.  

This is the last journey, they say,
I desist to move, for I have stories untold,
The winding path through the country side,
And the men, whom I killed for my own hearts' pride.

Ghosts aren't real, they just vanish with the wind,
Ghosts aren't real, sleep eludes, for I have sinned.

O' night, why are you bathed in blood,
Ridden with guilt, my heart, a withered rose bud,
Sleep I yearn, and my eyes, they have bled.

I am a king, the king of an immortal time,
But insanity, my king, has stories untold,
I have reigned with vengeance, for my soul that I lost,
The witch of time, chuckles, "but at what cost".

Past is slowly pulling me in, vanish it whispers.
Past is slowly fading away, sins, my seven sisters.

So I drink, I dance and I feast with the dead,
With so much, over the crackling fires done and said,
But no pleasure satisfies me, and no one for a tear to shed.

For I,  am the traveler. 

The traveler saga : Traveler 1 - 6

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Man with three shoes.

Follow the waters' trail,
Winding in the sun, 
Snakes of the brood, return,
Return to your home.

Who walks there?

Below the green ridge,
Blossoms, to the right, 
I see it pale old but bright,
The tree, rooted in my heart.

Who walks there?

I who have seen the stars,
And have traversed the sea,
I who have won the hearts,
And slain with mercy,

Who walks there?

The night of the future,
Light, I presume, fades.
Jades of the castles fallen,
Why should I wait.

Who walks there?

Its me who walks. 
Who waits by the willow,
Bloom my mate, spread your wings,
And ask, till your heart's content

But who walks there?

Friday, September 19, 2014

The Forgotten Names

The bloods in my veins, 
Why drown me, drown my pain,
I can recall all, but your name.

The wind of the fields, 
Mystique, and never to yield, 
People know you, but your name.

The light of the dawn,
My fears are your song,
You know me, but just forget my name.

The dead leaf that floats,
A grief like the lightning bolt.
You are forgotten, you and your name.

The old beggar who disappeared, 
Along with the dog he cared,
No one knew you, not even your name.

The kid who grew, to be me,
Why disappear, floating away in the sea.
I have forgotten myself, even my name.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Beats

Carry me in your arms.

Sleep the dreams away,
Drift into the space.

Half fulfilled wows, 
Why do you stay, 
Begone, and never return.

Carry me in your arms.

Watch as the world burns,
Play your wooden drums.

Carry me in your arms.

Spoils to share, and lands to loot,
Robbers we are, brothers we were.

Carry me in your arms.

Stay one more night,
Let the barrels tumble.

Look beyond the horizon, 
Where the sorrow lightens,  
A majestic future to behold

Carry me in your arms.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It rains for years.

The streaming tears, on her cheeks, 
Mesmerized my being, for a while,
I had lost all senses, time flew by,
Cry turned to pleading, drifting in space

Why touch, what is not yours,
Make way, through the waves.

Let your hands play a tune, 
And dance, fluttering through the air.

The color black, looks pale,
As her eyes, witness the pain,
The tears don't stop, they flow,
I am drowning in an ocean.

Why did your smile fade,
Laugh and make waves in the sea.

Hold onto me, she chimed,
But I drifted, drifted way out into void.

I saw a hint of pleasure, lust,
As the sun burned my skin,
Weeping, she sits, weeping she lies,
I will fade with the memories of the night.

Turn me into a stone, heartless
Sculpt me, give me life, let me be reborn.

Caress my hair, let me sleep,
In your arms, let me be the dream.

The sky parted, rained for years,
I am drowning, in the rain of fear.
Hold me close, don't let me drift, 
Guilt, I hold dear, sleep a drunken lullaby.

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Moon and the Owl.

The wind hustled, as the cold moon smiled,
Leaves of the untouched future, rusting away,
Shine with me, oh moon, shine with me.

An owl's hoot, woke me my from my slumber,
A constant knock on the window, 
I can see it, see it fade, see it grow.

My eyes catch the little pale smirk, 
On the face of the moon, as she smiles,
I hope for the night to last, for the light to fade,

The shadows dance, as the clouds drift,
Playing hide and seek with my fear,
She smiles, she laughs, she dances with the clouds.

I hear the wind sing me a lullaby,
The rustling of the leaves, add music to the cry,
The wind grows cold, as does my heart.

The shadows turn to faces, as the clouds drift,
They live, they die, as she smiles,
They merge, they disappear, dance away.

I see a little boy, holding my hand,
Another knock on the widow, my sleep fails,
The nigh grows darker, the shadows fade.

I hear the wings flap, a hoot, as she flies,
The moon smiles, fading at times with the drifting clouds,
I want her near, hold her, feel her cold light.

Night is young she says, as she sits on the shoulder,
The little boy cringes, a hoot, to comfort,
The silver of the moon, makes her shine.

Hold me close she says, the light would come,
The little boy leaves my side, walks away,
Disappearing into the shadows.

Close your eyes as I sing you a lullaby,
Hoot, she says, a knock on the window,
My sleep is gone, with her light, she fades.

Fly with me she says, and she spreads her wings,
I miss the little boy, and I know he won't return,
So into the wind I fly, bathed in her silver sheen.

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Dwellers of The Refried Bean Can.

This Poem is dedicated to the stranger named Eki.

The day was long, and night no different,
So he sat pondering over an empty can.
And long did his thoughts run, 
Wild did they go before dissolving into night.

At length he stood up, to throw the empty can
At length his thoughts failed, he had no plans.

The can spoke, a feeble voice,  or he thought, 
'The nights been long, I should sleep'.
The can spoke again, scared he dropped,
'I am Eki', the voice echoed through the night.

He was startled, 'My mind is playing tricks'
He was startled, 'I just heard a can speak'.

'Who speaks, I demand to know', he asked,
Scared white, and ghastly pale, he asked.
'I am Eki, and I live in this can', the can replied.
His sleep was lost, and darker grew the night.

'Why do you live in a can', he mustered some courage,
'Why do you live alone in a can', his thoughts ran strange.

'I am not alone', replied the can,
'Who else lives there', he sat besides the voice.
'I don't know his name, call him Clyde'
'And I love this can', the voice sparked the night.

'I must be tired', He thought to himself,
'I must be tired', to hear a can talk some sense.

'I was in Nebraska, before I moved in',
He couldn't help, but listen to the  talking can.
'And two years old I am', giggles, to tease the scared man.
'But Its dark in here mister, and Clyde is scared of the night'.

He couldn't help, but listen to the story,
He couldn't help for he felt a little sorry.

'I can help you move out of the can', 
'No, we like it here', retorted the can.
'So what do you call your can.' He seemed interested,
'The Refried Bean Can', the voice sparkled into the night.

They talked for hours, into the darkness of the night ,
They talked for hours, till the morning sun light.

Somewhere through the talk, his sleep caught up,
A small nap, as the morning rays hit his eyes,
He woke up, found the can in broad day light,
He opened it, searching for Eki, from the night.

The can lay bare, empty as from the night,
The can lay bare, Eki was nowhere in sight.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Merchant Of Dreams.

Rickety rackety, the carriage tumbled,
Rickety rackety, the clocks spun,
Down the mud road, rode he,
Clad in white rode he.

Dreams for sale, Dreams for sale,
And for you, damsel in distress, a jug of ale.

Paint with brush stroke of luck, 
And a chiseled plan, when the luck trails,
A drop of the red envy, for those who fail,
A splash of purple pride, for the winner.

Dreams for sale, Dreams for sale,
Turn your life colorful, from dusty pale.

Watch me as I make your dreams true,
With a handful of sugar coated lies,
And a spoon full of ways to live by,
Watch me as I make your dream, come true

Dreams for sale, Dreams for sale,
Trade in adventure for your sorry tale.

A dash of remorse for the days you lose,
Shimmered in with distress and cure,
An Icing of all the pain you will endure,
Look I made your dream come true.

Dreams for sale, Dreams for sale,
Exchange your hopes for a coffin and a nail

"Twelve ounce of dreams for me sire",
"What would you pay with, my dear son",
"I have these", a bag full of innocence,
Oh I sell dreams, and to you I will sell them.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Satin Love

The distant rattle, a tune,
Let me make you a song, love,
Night is young, let me pour a drink,

She lies, in the feather bed,
Satin to cover her head.

Fear is something new, to forget,
A painters brush, colors to erase,
Write my dream, read it to the deaf.

Take my hand, taste my kiss,
Dance with me, a step to miss.

Cry for the fallen  angel and devil,
Blink the eye, find my meaning,
I am what the world makes you.

Find my love, hidden deep,
Probe it, and own the sleep.

Hide the tear, love of life,
Ride the tide, fear the night,
Flutter the wings, scale the height.

Spread your wings, erase the pain,
Hold my fingers, dance in rain.

Colors fade, candle burns out,
Night wanes, and the day arrives,
The beauty of old, riches rotten.

Let me paint your fragile lips,
And borrow the fragrance, of a rose wisp.

With some Gold to buy your kingdom,
And ashes to bury your young,
Jump in the whirlpool, chant my name.

Finally sleep my love, find your peace,
Kiss me goodbye, let my heart freeze.

The world doesn't need you,
The eyelids descend down,
Sleep prevails, I am yours.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Conversation with a three legged spider

On the bed, sat I,
Looking east with a frantic sigh,
A spider, with five wooden pegs,
And rest to call its fleshy legs.

'Your screams, scare me lad', he said,
A puff from his wooden pipe,
Scared was I, by creepy site,

Another puff, and a cloud of smoke,
'Can't a spider be a crook'
Twinkled his eyes, a half satisfied smile,
And I screamed, at the talking knight.

He chuckled, 'look lad, I am a pirate',
I scrambled up, at the spiders sight,
He whimpered, at my despaired plight.

'Don't be scared, I am just a friendly guy',
'You are a spider, and a pirate who flies',
He bellowed another puff, and cracked his pegs,
'You missed the line', and he scrambled up my legs.

'Don't harm me, I am just a merry lad',
'I won't, but will take you to a merry land
To set sail with my pirate band'.

'I don't know a merry land', crackled I,
'You my friend, are the merry land', he smiled.
Then the wooden pegs knocked, as he danced, 
Dance of conquest he said, dance for life.

'I will scream, wake my parents', said I,
'They won't trust you, with all your stories', he smiled,
'Come join me, to plunder golds of the land'.

I thought for a while, with stories untold,
The three legged spider, and the monsters under my bed,
He was right, they never believed, why I wonder,
Then sighed, with a smile, a nod to plunder.

I walked with the three legged guy
With my wooden sword, and a chest full of gold,
And a promise to never grow old.

Friday, January 31, 2014

One song poem: The sad man's fiddle

Wife, what art thou? Sitting by the corner,
Raking leaves, in the winter snow, 
Wife, what art thou? Singing a lullaby,
To a child long forgotten.

Wife, what art thou? Caressing my hair,
While I loath your touch.
Wife, what art thou? Kissing me good night,
When I would never sleep.

Wife, what art thou? Holding my hand,
While I let you go, a long time,
Wife, what art thou? Nursing my child,
Who decayed in the grave.

Wife, what art thou? Hiding a tear,
When the world laughs at you,
Wife,what art thou? Being soulful,
While your body gave way.

Wife, what art thou? Loving me still,
I know what you are, so 
Wife, what art thou? I do understand,
While I pretend not to

You are the sad man's fiddle.