Friday, January 28, 2011

Sapphire Life

The loving touch,
Lost, like a whisper,
In the alley of life.

He does sink in despair,
Underneath the twisted fate,
That stole his smile,

Countless years,
And myriad steps later,
Solitude his only mate,

The treasured memories,
Would never come back,
For bitterness took their place.

He waits, and he wails,
For the Golden rays to return,
To light up his life,

But a human he is,
And hope doesn't last
And anguish does speak instead.

For ours is a Sapphire life,
Shining bright in the sunshine,
but once the darkness creeps in,
Like the stone, it loses its sheen

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Corner Around the Turn

Its been a long while since I have seen some life around. The trees sway no more, nor do the birds chirp. Its silent, its peaceful, but I dread this peace. It always seems like the calm before the storm. As if someone is just preparing, silent to the world, preparing for a come back, where she can get what she wants. The other kids don't bother about me, I feel lonely. I sit by the corner, playing with the teddy, humming different tunes, coloring different nails. I see other kids play, but I can't play with them. I hate it, but I have to stay away from them. I become lonely again, no sounds, nothing to play with, only silence. Sleep evades me, as if its afraid to talk to me, afraid to play with me, afraid to be my friend. I name my teddy, I buy a cat so that teddy doesn't feel alone any more. I watch the cat shred out teddy into pieces, the small puffs of cotton ball litter the ground. I am alone again, I am afraid this time. The cat is powerful, more powerful than me. I watch the cat take control over me, become the queen of my being. I am a cat now, I was a human once. I purr to get attention, to get the love I missed, to get the care I lacked. People don't like it, they call me crazy. They say I need to sleep, I need to rest my brain. I need to see the reality. My mom takes me to the doctor, he seems to be a mean guy. He wants me to throw away the cat, he wants me to leave it at a place from where it won't return. I play my tantrums. I play my cards well, the doctor obliges, asks me whether I would want a cup of hot chocolate milk. I watch him bring teddy back to life, as he sews up the cotton balls together. I like him for bringing teddy back to life, I am happy again. The cat is not happy with the new teddy, it wants me to throw it away before it does any harm. I scold the cat for being mean to teddy, I try to make them friends. The cat obliges to my request, it treats teddy with love, but the teddy is not the same teddy. He seems mean but I like him, he asks me to get rid of the cat. I don't like his tone, but I have to listen to teddy because I like it. I am scared, and I am confused, and I just don't know what to do, so I decide to flip a coin. I flip the coin, It floats along in the air, flipping through, slicing through, and finally lands back in my palm. I had to get rid of teddy or the cat, and the coin would decide their fate. It was stupid but I was helpless, and there was no one I could ask help for. I look at the coin lying in my palm, the shining metal plate which would decide the fate of the cat and the teddy. I look at the coin, I am sad for now I have to act, I go to the kitchen and get the butcher's knife. I had to shred Teddy again, or behead the cat. I come back, look at both of them once again, with love in my eye, with care in my eye. The cat purrs, rubs itself on me, teddy gives a puppy faced look. I am sad, "was I too harsh on the decision???", I ask my self. Now nothing can be helped, I have to destroy that what I have created.

And I swing the knife.

Dead Fish

Grey lining in the spotless golden sky
As the dead walk on through the life unexplored,
Night is just a hiding path,
For the reasons of senses to die.
I may not feel, I may not cry,
but still the Dead Fish do fly.

Lesser known fear, of a burning shadow,
With anguish and despair do the dead men sigh,
Days full of secret, spilling,
As they stand to loose their charm,
I am just a human, and so I cry
but still the Dead Fish do fly.

I hear the one in my head sing in joy,
For the dead only make songs for the broken toy,
Amber light does flood the night,
As they mend the lives that pass by,
I was a child once, when I used to cry
but still the Dead Fish do fly.

Drop Of Stone

Past the trauma of presence,
she stands, and the mirror reflects,
Shame, as the hands move across,
The warmth of a touch, and she obliges
Numbing sense of pain, and she cries
Its no tear, but Its a drop of stone

She loves, but breaks within,
she stands, and the mirror reflects,
Fear, and unable to raise a voice,
A loving touch, and she loses the trust,
Innocence lost to a tender age, and she cries
Its no tear, but Its a drop of stone

Withdrawn she does protest,
she stands, and the mirror reflects,
Guilt, as the fingers touch the child,
And child cries, and no one believes,
History repeats, victim victimises, and she cries
Its no tear, but Its a drop of stone

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Purple Room.

He scrawls, he scribbles, but never writes,
He crawls, he cripples, but never walks.
White all around, boxed around, the unending chain
He thinks, he forces his mind, but never forgets,
The Brain a cobweb, a slice of pie.

He paints purple, turns it around, but never leaves.
Thoughts constricted, thoughts constrained, within the walls
He adds a door, a window to see the world,
But still the walls contain him, conflicting his thoughts.
The Brain a cobweb, A slice of pie.

Purple all around, he feels the chill, he feels the warmth,
Purple all around, he feels the death, he feels the Loose,
Tries to step out, but the walls do grow,
To contain him, to capture him, never to leave
The Brain a cobweb, A slice of pie.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Walking through the meadows, did I hear the cry,
Of a child in pain, A child left alone.
A child is born as one dies,
A child is born as one is lost.
And I did hear voices, voice of the crying child.

The child did grow, As I lost the grip on reality,
Compressed in my dreams did I suffocate.
Stars tickled my senses, as my eyes closed,
Winds became my echo, as I opened to speak,
And I did hear voices, voices taking control.

Who am I, Where was I, The voices did command,
As I lay, feeling the grass beneath,
now a grown man, he stands within me,
now a grown man, he pledges to destroy me,
And I did hear voices, voices as I died.

The Three Beggars

One day walking home did I see
Three beggars huddled under a tree
Shabby cloths did cover their body,
As their head swayed along with the wind.

I reached in my pocket, a shilling each did I pick
"'Tis no money we want", said one of the three,
"But a heart that would listen", he said to me.
For compassion can quench the pain and kindness indifference

Time was something I didn't have, but I couldn't leave
"Just for a while will I stay", said I as I sat by the tree.
"God bless ye young lad, for its good you think",
So I sat to listen what the beggars had to say.

"My name is Grief, and these are my brothers", he started the tale
"I am a requirement of loss, a requirement people fear,
Death is my mate as I fill in the lose of the one who is near,
and yet I sit by the tree, to beg, and to live"

"I am Chaos", said the second beggar, "And I fill in grief"
"Everything has a path, Everything has a reason, but for me,
I exist to confuse, I exist to plague, the human mind,
and yet I sit by the tree, to beg, and to live"

"I am Despair", Said the last of the Beggars,
"And its the hope that I take, and its faith I vanquish,
I leave a man with no hope to live, no hope to survive,
and yet I sit by the tree, to beg, and to live"

I listened to them as they rendered their tales, My heart did ache,
I departed from the three beggars, with a heavy heart did I part.
For grief brings chaos and chaos despair,
And he who dies in despair has lived his whole life in vain.