Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Street Light

The eyes of the kid, street urchin, 
Shimmered, with a distant dream, 
As he lay wrapped under my light,
Skies and stars, reflected in his dream,
And he slowly faded into the sleep.

Her mind was fixed, thoughts calculated,
The pen poured ink, on the blank paper,
Hope filled her aura, blanketed in a yellow tint,
Hope to achieve, as she sat under me,
Hope to lighten the burdens of her life. 

A tear of joy, a tear of sadness, 
I couldn't tell them apart,
She sat cuddled in her lovers arm, 
A good bye I reckon, or a sense of comfort,
My light made them whole, as they waited.

The redness of the pool, dripping, reflected orange,
As he lay gasping, against a blinking headlight,
I wish I could help him, but alas I was not moved,
The wails of a distant siren, caught my ears,
As I saw his life, disappear, under the cold yellow light.

These are my stories,
Every night a new tale,
Every night a new life.
I wait, for someone, to look into,
I wait someone to talk to.

Friday, March 11, 2016

The Song of the Southern Wind

The Sun Spoke, 
The sweetest of the words,
That befell any ear before,

'Whom are you waiting for',
A shy smile, replied.
'A love I reckon',
The sun simmered. 

The clouds gathered,
A tale they longed to hear,
Of love, of longing, of the wait.

'Why the blush', the sun teased,
The smile gave way,
'Its a secret', she replied,
The clouds awed, women of the same feather.

The rain had a different tale,
'Who are you waiting for',
They chimed, a drizzle of words,

'Why don't you clear off',
She, rhymed the rhythm,
Rhythm of the thunder,
as it echoed through the clouds.

And as the rain parted farewell,
And the sun geared with joy,
And the clouds that dispersed with awe.

He stood, all in his glory,
Seven colors, majestic, royal,
Her blush gave way to joy,
And the southern wind smiled.