Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This is one of my favorite songs. Its known as hammerheart from the band Bathory.

Now that the wind called my name
And my star had faded now hardly a glimpse up in the empty space
And the wise one-eyed great father in the sky stilled my flame

For the ones who stood me near
And you few who were me dear
I ask of thee to have no doubts and no fears

For when the great clouds fills the air
And the thunder roars from o, so far away up in the sky
Then for sure you will know that I have reached the joyous hall up high

With my bloodbrothers at side
All sons of father with one eye
We were all born in the land of the blood on ice

And now you all who might hear my song
Brought to you by the northern wind have no fear
Though the night may seem so everlasting and forever dark

There will come a golden dawn
At ends of nights for all yee on whom
Upon the northstar always shines

The vast gates to hall up high
Shall stand open wide and welcome you with all its within
And Oden shall hail us bearers of a pounding hammerheart


Monday, June 29, 2009

The Basics Of Human Emotions.

I keep writing about all these things regarding emotions because i am an anti emotions guy.
Emotions can be actually divided into two basic catagories basic and complex, something like the color wheel. more complex colors can be derived from the basic three colors.No one can say what is a complex emotion, it depends on the perceptiveness of a person. For some Anger can be a basic emotion whereas for others it might be a complex emotion which may consist of jealousy frustration depression and many more things combined.
Another more easier classification of emotion is long-term emotion and short-term emotion. The best example of long-term emotion is "love"(which actually is losing its long term status). The short-term include surprise anger and every other emotions which can be triggered within seconds.
As i had written previously that emotions arise from your right brain and logic and practicallity from your left brain. These emotions according to some theories are results of the chemical "laucha" in our brains.
The major two theories which actually are able to define emotions and the origin of emotions are
1. Somatic theories
2. James-Lange theory
According to me the major five emotions which could actually describe a human being would be
1. Love
2. Joy
3. Anger
4. Grief
5. Fear
Fear is a personal favorite of mine. These five basic emotions give rise to other more complex emotions.
I have been latelly thinking from both the side of the hedge. A world without emotions and a world with emotions.
well actually a world without emotions would be atleast crime free. And the competition won't exist. But we would never be able to enjoy the reason for our existence. A world with emotions would just be exactly like the world we are living rite now. Full of atrocities and "attyachars". Well we can't complain of the life we are living.