Monday, May 6, 2013

One Song Poem : Voice of the Unheard

The touch of cool breeze, unwavered by thought,
She sat, her hair wavering like silken thread,
The Sun was her companion, as it smiled and shined,
Silence was her friend, as she sat, lost in thoughts.

A butterfly fluttered around her, wings flapping,
A gust of wind, she felt, raising her hopes of a new tomorrow,
The ruslting of the leaves, the stutter of the nature,
The thoughts were only what made her, the tresses of her past.

Niether did the gods could help her, as silence crept in,
Long lost were the days of pompous celebration,
As she sat, by her dark corner, walls casting their shadows,
The glimmer of sun, lost in the silence of her day.

A twig broke, cracking through her being,
A tear sparkled as she stood, walked away from herself,
The portrait of a bright future, dallying by her fingers,
Will this ever end, Will I ever speak.

A firefly twinkeled, as the night broke out,
The shadows of the walls, long lost to the night,
She walks, away from everything she knew,
Every thing that defined the being she was.

A hug, the tears find their way,
Paving a path of sorrow, she tramples,
The dying flowers, reflect her hopes of tommorrow,
Nothing but rain, as the clouds curl up.

The silver lost to the lust, she held it at her heart,
The rain would lash out its fury, as clouds darkened.
The silver lost to the clouds, as the moon hid in the night,
And it rained, her tresses wetted by tears of god.

Will she ever speek?