Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Traveler-6: The Black Plague

"Will you cleanse the world for me", the Devil drawled...

I remember the night of the rain,  the shards of nature's fury,
Hitting across my face, as I rode.

I remember the night of the trade, an enticing piece of apatite,
The night I traded all pains for my soul.

The devil dressed in a purple haze, a dream I wished weren't true.

The words echoed, his voice glared, the darkness shrank to a corner,
A diabolic deal did I make, the devil smirked.

In exchange for my soul, I took a bite out of the forbidden knowledge,
I disappeared, as light engulfed me.

The devil dresses in a purple haze, a dream I wished weren't true.

I find my self seated, centre of attention, the spotlight of the day,
The future I present, the devil storied.

The future was bleak, wars, I recall, misery I try to forget,
The future is bleak, but a deal is a deal.

The devil dressed in a purple haze, a dream I wished were true.

One particular instance I do recall, misery he did foretell,
Death I do promise, he said.

A man I was introduced to, a traveller the devil, I recall,
A traveller from the silk route.

The devil dresses in a purple haze, silken dreams, I try to forget.

I talk to the man, devil incarnated, an apatite for destruction,
I was immortal, he would sneer.

Did you make a deal too, I would ask, a grin for a reply,
I hated him, for the knowledge foretold everything.

The devil dresses in sheep skin, a purple haze I try to forget.

I brought the sickness in my ships of immorality, ships of false promise,
I was a merchant of death, I hated his soul.

I brought death to the world, I cleansed the un-clean,
Do I hate him still, may be, I sighed.

The devil rides the chariot, the chariot of a purple haze.

I cleansed the world of wickedness,  or so I was told,  he chimed,
I cleaned the sin out of the world.

My immortality I traded for a better world, but at what expense,
A million souls lost to the darkness.

The devil reigns over your dreams, a purple haze.

I cleansed sins, the traveller sang, I cleansed the world.
I ridded the world of immorality.

I had a liking to him, wars were of a past while the plague lasted,
People turned to God, the world was better.

The wolf among sheep, a purple dream of haze.

Will you cleanse the world for me, the Devil drawled,
It has turned to wicked ways, he sang.

I was inclined to say a no, but what is immortality without power,
You are doing God's work, I was bribed.

The devil dressed in a purple haze, a nightmare I wished weren't true.

I remember my choice, as I became, one of the travellers,
A traveller in the Devil's catalogue.

I remember my choice, as I flew in a metal bird,
The deliverer of God's wrath, on a folk of innocent horde.

The devil tricked me, tricked me in my purple dream.

I remember my immortal pride taking a plunge from the skies,
As the cleansing of an era took toll,

Millions died, futures saw a distorted dream, I am guilty,
I am guilty, I sang, as the devil sew me to his soul.

The sheep in wolfs cloth, a dream of a purple haze.

-Scribbled by Tim

The Traveler - 1

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

When the grass is always greener

On the other side, ...

Apples grow on the tiny blades of grass,
Butterflies plant new trees,
Birds chirp a new anthem.

On the other side, ...

The water is crisp, blue color of glass,
Allies rise up in arms,
Kids slurp on the candy cream.

On the other side, ...

Shrilled songs of love, sung by highland lass,
Prize antelope hung by the pyre,
Little twerps, sing their fabled rhymes.

On the other side, ...

Life is always cute, live by the crass,
Cacophonies of a dreams lost,
But alas, the other side, is the other side.

On the other side, ...

The weed is the greener plant.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

The Mirror of Scars

The box creaked, as beautiful dream bid farewell,
The velvet walls, broke the bliss,
They broke the silence.

'Sleep', said my spirit,
'Sleep, the nightmare will pass',
The wooden cage creaked,
As the carriage rattled down the stony path.

Yesterday I had seen the sunrise,
Today's just a dream.

The horse neighed,  repose to the hearse
A slow rumble on the cobbled stones,
Sang the shingle, 'Ahoy, and alight'

I heard the box creak again,
Through space I moved,
The squeeny voices of people I knew,
Drowned the being in me.

Yesterday, her face flushed with fear,
Today its a pale smile.

I heard them speak,
Concoction of lies, I sighed,
'They can't hurt',  My spirit replied.

My sins were forgiven, the soul obligated.
My ticket bought, kings I ride with you,
A purple robe sewed for me waited,
'Sleep, as long as you may',

I tried, I failed, the sleep eluded,
I tried, I failed, as dirt hit the box.

Am I dead, I asked,
'You are but asleep', says the preacher
I live, enslaved to trust.

I heard the knock on the wood,
The key clicked, the shambles untwined,
Light dawned, as I walk,
I was finally free, I sighed.