Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Epilogue

The bow touched the string, 
Melody flows, notes of the chain,
The chain breaks, breaks the thought.

Wind up a new string, unchain the notes,
Re-chain the thought, free at last,
The thoughts break, the chain's intact.

Take the chain apart, link by link,
Regrow the lost note, that sits silent,
The chain is forged, on empty thoughts.

Pull a treble, push a clef,
Add a rest, to the unending chain,
The thought is new, and the chain too.

The ink grows on the sheet,
Marks grow into harmonies,
The bow breaks, a curse it seems.

Alas, I give rest to my thoughts,
The chain is just a myth, I cry,
Thought just a prelude to the epilogue.

Sunday, October 25, 2015


The blue lillacs, dew drops,
Carry me on the winds,
Heed my call, Rain, Rain,
Walk my path, say what you will.

Morning chill, comfort my spirit,
Take me with the blizard,
Beckon, and see, Waves, Storm,
Walk my curve, see the world.

I wish to be lost,
I wish to be found,
Say no more O southern wind,
I wish to be asleep, in your arms.

I wish to stay,
I wish to leave,
I wish to be me,
Disappear, says my spirit.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Who killed the Santa

The chiming bell, tolls, tolls, tolls,
Ringing in the mid summer sledge,
Who has seen a rain, dear,
No, I haven't, its just an elk, see.

Croak, the swamp sings,
Croak, the crow swims,
Croak, the world spins,
Croak, the bell rings.

The deafening silent bell of the north,
Oh snow flake, you would wither, 
Wide awake, waiting for the ash,
Settle, settle, settle, subtle sounds.

Bleak, the southern wind,
Bleak, the minute print,
Bleak, cold breath mint,
Bleak, I sleep, I wink.

A twig breaks, the sledge plunges,
The great northern wind screams,
The winters are here, here and here,
But where is the misty chill.

Drip, the water slips,
Drip, the sweaty lips,
Drip, the clammy hips,
Drip, the sunken ships.

And when the sun sets,
Far away in the northern chills,
An old man turns, shivers and sleeps, 
The question still remains though,

Who killed the ghost of present.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Photograph

"Rest my child, sleep, dream and fade away ..."

Eyes, candy blue, shimmer, and fade,
Hair a mystic yellow, winds down the neck,
The pale white frock, dirty, hand made,
Imprints, faint await every call and beck.

Lips a pouty red, crack and creak,
Pale stained teeth, age never gone, 
Cheeks a faint blush to hide and seek,
Chin damped with lines, yes they frown.

Fingers, they point and dangle around,
Chipped nails covered, with painted blue,  
Hands which never knew no bounds,
Mystique clouds, future of a hidden hue.

Broken toy, a doll with no head,
Cradled along with her dainty sight,
A half torn sheet of poem never read,
Petals crumbled, leaves rotten over night.

Shriveled legs, bleak, but they do hold up, 
In a picture frame, dull with age,
The dusty shoe, of a kid who never grew up,
A casket in ground, a half written page.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Lone Blue House

Streets dead, lights a mystifying dream,
Moon a distant reality, dark shines the sky,
Stars my friends, won't you smile.

Lone stands the blue house,
Sheen so bright, blinds my eyes,
O' blue, you are my light.

Tap it to the mystic beats,
Night's young, and who would stop,
O' blue, you are right.

Paved paths, why do you wobble, 
Oh, right I am just ain't sober,
I walk, or do I dance, well fall.

Take a breath, hold it in,
watch me bribe the law,
As I walk free, wobble my street.

The lone house stands tall,
Shimmering blues, and aesthetic white,
O' blue aren't you always right.

Chiruthevi: The Vengeance

"Death awarded at the hands of the one she loved, reborn a bewitching damsel,  to waylay men with her beauty and to drink their blood ..."

Do you lust for my soul,
Or my malice filled beauty.
Lay your heart out, let me suckle,
Lay your life out, let me bathe.

My tears laugh at your pain,
The scars arouse me, embalm me,
Let your wounds talk, let them kiss me,
As I submerge in your passion.

I see your fiery eyes, locked on me,
The scars did little to quench your ardor,
And as the last of the reds flee,
I relinquish my fury,  my heart drunk yet sober.

Its my heart's content that I seek,
Vengeance, long forgotten, yet,
My alluring words, a kiss so bleak ,
As your sweat ichor fuels my youth.

Why did you betray, my love.
Why did the noose tighten,
Why was I reborn,
To suckle on the life of men.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Nightmare

Cradle my thoughts, 
Shine, brandish the little fear,
Make it your own, 
Make me your little nightmare.

I walk, I stay, trying to find the steps,
My legs slip, I fly, I fall,
Night my shelter, 
Scared my soul, pumping hard, my heart.

Screech my brains, 
Scars of a past so blunt,
Fumes of sulfur, yellow thick,
I lay, clutching my head.

Wake me up, 
Before the night runs out,
The hands that follow my scream,
I am lost, I am just another dream.

Cradle the thought, 
Raise a dead child, 
Never let it see the light, 
Never it live outside your nightmare.

Monday, February 23, 2015

One Song Poem (Sun Goddess)

Take my hand, she said with a guile smile,
I thought twice, just to shun the idea,
Take my hand, her voice echoed a while.
Carry me to the sunset, did she stutter, I doubt,
Obliged, I sat there alone, as she bathed,
The crimson orange sun, her mane.

Take my hand, she said, gullible, I stalled,
Just to see the fading sun, crimson, purple,
Through the forest her shadow passed.
Moments turn to hours, rustle of raising dew,
The cold moon smiles, as her shadow passes,
Lost I stand, lost I cry.

Take my hand, she said, cold, her touch,
Scared was I, death I doubted,
Take my hand, she said, retreat I did.
And I saw the shadow pass, and the fog raise, 
As the sun dipped into the ocean and darkness rose,
Me a stranger, a madman at the light's door.