Sunday, May 24, 2009

Listen To your Brain

Its based on something i did today. It might have been a folly to some but to me it was another step closer to my fear. Well the only fear i have is the fear of authority. ie. the of fear people in authority. Nothing else in this entire world can ever scare me. Well coming back to the topic. When ever you make a decision you think from two sides.
1. From the logical and analytical side.
2. From the emotional side.
The first one gets processed in the left side of your brain and the second in the right. Well some might call the first reactions or opinions coming from brain and the second set of opinions or reactions coming from the heart. Actually heart can't think so its just a typo to put the things in a more better way.(Human beings can't accept the fact that the brain is emotional!!!!). Most of our actions are a mixed bag containing the logical and the emotional parts in equal or with a little up and down here and there. (For more info check ). There are issues which require emotions like in a case when you are being asked out for a date. And others which require logic like over coming your fears. The word 'fear' can be put under the subheading of emotions. As what ever you fear is illogical. Its nothing. And to prove it i will put in my case. As i live in a hostel and the rules being a little strict we can't leave the hostel premises after seven. By chance after dinner we found the main gates open and the guards having a chat. Me and my friend were having our regular after meals walk when we decided to just walk out of the gate. Once we got out then other second years(The worst batch in the entire hostel's history) too came out. We went for an ice cream (you know its not ice-cream) and thought it would be good to just take a walk outside. That was the time when i noticed that the gates had been closed and a fear started building up in me. One side of my brain said 'You are dead' and the other side said 'Who gives a fuck'. As i was with my friends i didn't want to behave like scared cat so i continued with them. When we came back we coolly opened the gate and went in. Nothing to fear nothing to be worried about.
So from the above incidence i came to a conclusion. Left is better than the right.
Emotions just show you a part of the entire scene. Just the part you would love to see or you are afraid to see... and the list goes on.. you can add ne emotional state to it. But the logical side or the analytical side lets you view the larger picture. The entire scenario without bias. So if you are making a decision which has to be unbiased listen to your brain and not to your heart. The decisions may seem wrong at that moment but helps out in the longer run. You would be thinking what this entire thing had to do with the incidence... well the decision was taken by the left side of my brain. And the gain was i confronted my fears and am a step closser to being fearless.


Friday, May 22, 2009

We can still remain friends.

This phrase may not sound unfamiliar to young people like me who have been running from post to pillar to get some one to fill in as the better half. As such this phrase holds no meaning at all. Because both, the person who said it and the person who heard it knows nothing is same as before. But the only thing which I can't still figure out is why do people use this phrase.
My first encounter with this word well happened a year back. Back then i was young and stupid. That doesn't mean i am young no more. People learn from their mistakes and i am no better than the others not to learn from my mistakes. This above phrase has been used as a tool by people who just can't say a "no"... basically because they don't want to lose the goodwill of other person. They never really know what the other person might make out of it, and they don't care either. There are intelligent species though who say it in a more "appropriate to the situation " way. Which till now i haven't encountered because i have never met any intelligent species who can play around with the mind of others. If i am to put this phrase " We can still remain friends." in a more appropriate way... whoever used it does not really want to lose the person as a person from whom help can be extracted just because the other person thinks He/She is still a friend... and most people are dumb enough to believe that. Well its not their fault.. it's in the nature. Its rather the nature of the Human beings to be like that. It is like a person falls for a guy/girl and is really mad about him/her. So he is willing to do anything for the guy/girl just in the hope that the phrase "We can still remain friends." will change just because he/she is being nice to the other guy/girl. WAKE UP SMELL THE COFFEE. It doesn't work like that. If a person ever uses this phrase its time for you to just drop that person and just try to be true to the phrase and nothing more than that. It will help a lot in the long run because every fall is the next step towards the goal. I respect the young age rather than the old age because the scope of learning is more in the young age rather than the old/middle age. And these are the little things which we as youngsters should learn. To Be strong on decisions and to never let others to play with the little and subtle mind of yours. And if anyone ever encounters a situation where he/she is forced to use the phrase... be a bit less human there. No one actually cares what you are or what you would turn out to be. So be strong enough to say a BIG NO rather than beating around the bush because you don't want to lose the goodwill of the other person.