Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Gypsy Queen of the Cold Summers

'Winters I love,
Oh, but summer's just, but a rush'
She was poetic, alluring, and interesting.

'I like the snow,
The withering sun rays off the clouds'
A drizzle, a memoire to her silence.

'Can you gaze,
Into the far future, with tales of love?'
I shifted my gaze, winced a little.

'Whats the matter ma'am,
Why are you in pain, are the seasons alright'
She was ignorant, I could judge by her sight.

'I have questions,
Does the crystal ball have the answers?'
I winced again, troubled by the haze.

'The cold touch,
And memories, I wish they shattered'
She went a little pale, fear I guess.

War i see, she winced
The crystal ball shattered, wars I've seen,
She rose with an air of illusion.


Ravenclaw said...

Bit confused between the voices. Wondering why all are 'wincing'... but the last line is pure art- "She rose with an air of illusion".