Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Satin Love

The distant rattle, a tune,
Let me make you a song, love,
Night is young, let me pour a drink,

She lies, in the feather bed,
Satin to cover her head.

Fear is something new, to forget,
A painters brush, colors to erase,
Write my dream, read it to the deaf.

Take my hand, taste my kiss,
Dance with me, a step to miss.

Cry for the fallen  angel and devil,
Blink the eye, find my meaning,
I am what the world makes you.

Find my love, hidden deep,
Probe it, and own the sleep.

Hide the tear, love of life,
Ride the tide, fear the night,
Flutter the wings, scale the height.

Spread your wings, erase the pain,
Hold my fingers, dance in rain.

Colors fade, candle burns out,
Night wanes, and the day arrives,
The beauty of old, riches rotten.

Let me paint your fragile lips,
And borrow the fragrance, of a rose wisp.

With some Gold to buy your kingdom,
And ashes to bury your young,
Jump in the whirlpool, chant my name.

Finally sleep my love, find your peace,
Kiss me goodbye, let my heart freeze.

The world doesn't need you,
The eyelids descend down,
Sleep prevails, I am yours.