Monday, June 18, 2018

Fading Lights

The days labour paid, She folded her feathery palms,
Walked the long way back, Into the night, she disappears.

The blue of the night shone through her eyes,
Fading into the night, she hums the lullaby of a lost sleep.

A drop of ink smudged on her pearly face, She lays, dreams,
Inkblots dance on the white canvas of her being.

Circle of life, drawn out from the darkness into light,
As the dream drifts off, into the realms of nightmare.

She twists, she turns, sleep doesn't let go,
A flutter of uneasiness settles,  into an invisible prison of sleep

The sleep tarries a bit, swooning her with its wicked gaze,
Then lashing down with its claws, It tears her dreams.

In the end, the inkblot spreads, covering the white,
In the end, darkness wails, as the curtains fall to a fading light.