Friday, January 8, 2010

The Box

I have heard all throughout my living life. "Think out of the box". but couldn't actually appreciate the fact that the statement was a self recursive statement with no end condition. So every time you manage to think out of the box you create for your self another box just a bit bigger than the previous one. And basically you keep doing that for the rest of your life until you stop thinking outside the box (which apparently never happens).
The box has six faces with you standing on one of the faces. so you are left with five faces to expand your thinking capacity. of this five faces the top face is practically out of reach for you. and the sides too seem like they never can be reached. So you end up being captured in box drama for the rest of your life. enslaved with no power to make your self free.
But seriously who gives a damn about all these things. Who cares whether we are in a box or in a sphere.


Anonymous said...

So what exactly u want to say with this???
Life sucks..

dude u always were on this line only...

but u know u are really wrong at this

Unknown said...

interesting thought.keep it coming.